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You can find the multitrack files for this project in the 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library.

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Here's some more project info you might find useful:
  • About The Raw Multitracks:
    • The drums here are extensively multi-miked, providing stereo overheads, stereo room, a further mono room 'squash' signal, plus close mics for kick (x2), snare (x2), hi-hat, ride, and three toms (the latter pre-edited to remove spill between hits). In addition, there are triggered samples available for the snare and all the toms, as well as a couple of cymbal-smash highlights.
    • The bass guitar part was recorded via a miked amp, but a DI feed was also captured separately.
    • The six guitar parts were all recorded via dual-miked cabs, but again a DI feed was also taken at the same time, which gives a lot of scope for tonal invention.
    • Two stereo synth tracks are provided, one each for strings and choir patches.
    • The lead vocal is double-tracked, as is a 'Bannockburn' refrain that appears a half-dozen times.
  • Challenges You're Likely To Face:
    • The raw drum tracks are pretty respectable here, so the main difficulty is just managing the phase/spill issues across so many different mics and samples.
    • The biggest issue I have with the guitars is that they're all overdriven so fiercely. Yes, I realise it's metal, but what you lose here is any sense of note definition. Fortunately, the DI signals provide a 'get of jail free' card if you need it.
    • Getting any kind of decent intelligibility for the lyrics with this kind of vocal delivery is an enormous challenge, especially given the kind of backing sound it's competing with.
    • Overall, the texture in this track is rather static, which makes it tricky to provide musical contrast of a sense of forward momentum to the production as a whole.
  • Some Mixing Tips: Although this isn't a mix I've attempted myself, here are some suggestions that come to mind:
    • Try to get the live kit to sound as good as you can on its own before adding in the samples.
    • Keep your ears peeled for phase/polarity issues at pretty much every stage -- they have the potential to make or break the drums, bass, and guitars.
    • The vocals really need help to compete with the guitars, in my view. A bit of boost in the 600-900Hz midrange sounded promising to me, but I'd also definitely look at driving a parallel distortion channel too -- carefully EQ'd and phase matched, mind you, in order to avoid exacerbating the already ferocious 4kHz range.
    • I'd personally do some creative pruning and multing of those guitar parts to put in some more short-term contrast and improve the long-term dynamics. But maybe that's just me being too much of a muso... Smile

If you have any other general questions about this multitrack, just reply to this post and I'll see what I can do.
Hi Smile
please tell me your opinion Smile
First mix on genetics 1031a, listen and let me know what u think about it & i think the vocals are a bit loud. Confused

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