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  3. Acoustic, Jazz, Country, Orchestral
    1. 3D-MARCo Project: 'A Capella'
    2. 3D-MARCo Project: 'Piano Solo 1'
    3. 3D-MARCo Project: 'String Quartet'
    4. The Abletones Big Band: 'Corine, Corine'
    5. The Abletones Big Band: 'Song Of India'
    6. Alejo Granados: 'Rumba Chonta'
    7. Andrew Cole: 'Dead Roses'
    8. Andrey Yaroshinsky & The Gnessin Academy Chamber Orchestra: W.A. Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 12 K414 (Allegro)
    9. Angela Thomas Wade: 'Milk Cow Blues'
    10. Anna Blanton: 'Rachel'
    11. Anna Blanton: 'Waves'
    12. Araujo: 'The Saga Of Harrison Crabfeathers'
    13. Asam Classical Soloists: J.S.Bach's 'Jesu bleibet meine Freude'
    14. Asam Classical Soloists: G.F.Handel's 'Non Lo Diro Col Labbro'
    15. The Balazs Daniel Boogie Woogie Trio: 'Own Way To Boogie'
    16. Barnstar!: 'Believer'
    17. Barnstar!: 'You Don't Know'
    18. Blue Lit Moon: 'Dad's Glad'
    19. Bolz & Knecht: Brahms's 'Hungarian Dance No. 5'
    20. Bolz & Knecht: 'Summertime'
    21. Camilla Francesca Bull: Massenet's 'Va! Laisse Couler Mes Larmes'
    22. Camilla Francesca Bull: W.A.Mozart's 'Voi Che Sapete'
    23. Chalga: 'Szárad A Száj'
    24. Colebrook Road: 'Bright Angel'
    25. Cyrille Aimée: 'Make You Dance'
    26. David Crosby: 'The Things We Do For Love'
    27. David Youngs: 'Dust, You & Me'
    28. David Youngs: 'Long Overdue'
    29. David Youngs: 'Technomantra'
    30. Dino On The Loose: 'Queen's Light'
    31. Don Camillo Choir: 'The Marsh Marigold's Song'
    32. Don Camillo Choir: 'Trude The Bumblebee'
    33. Don Camillo Choir: 'The Woodworm Song'
    34. Eddie Garrido: '5th Floor'
    35. Eddie Garrido: 'Africa'
    36. Eddie Garrido: 'A Cry For Normalcy'
    37. Eddie Garrido: 'Scarlett'
    38. Eddie Garrido: 'Una Semana Sin Ti'
    39. Enda Reilly: 'An Nasc Nua'
    40. Enda Reilly: 'Cur An Long Ag Seol'
    41. Ethan Winer: 'Cello Concerto in A Minor'
    42. Francis Dunnery: 'Immaculate'
    43. Francis Dunnery & Dorie Jackson: 'Heartache Reborn'
    44. Francis Dunnery & Dorie Jackson: 'Holiday'
    45. FriendZWorldMusic: 'Triba/Bao Kuku'
    46. The Funny Valentines: 'Sleigh Ride'
    47. Ghostly Beard: 'A Reason To Leave'
    48. Ghostly Beard: 'Blue'
    49. Ghostly Beard: 'Fool'
    50. Ghostly Beard: 'Set Me Free'
    51. Ghostly Beard: 'Upper Hand'
    52. Glen McPhee: 'A Sailor Once More'
    53. H-owl Project: 'If I Were A Bell'
    54. Jade Safirah: 'Paraisso'
    55. James May: 'All Souls Moon'
    56. James May: 'Don't Let Go'
    57. James May: 'Eliza Jane'
    58. James May: 'Hold On You'
    59. James May: 'If You Say'
    60. James May: 'On The Line'
    61. Jeffrey Hayat: 'Alex The Adventurer'
    62. Jesper Buhl Trio: 'What Is This Thing Called Love'
    63. Jesse Joy: 'Nearly There'
    64. Jesse Joy: 'Release'
    65. Joanna Ward: 'Away'
    66. Jonny Rodgers: 'Glorious'
    67. King's College London Baroque Orchestra: Telemann's 'La Lyra' Overture
    68. Lindy Hip Big Band: 'Makin' Whoopee'
    69. Lindy Hip Big Band: 'The Opener'
    70. The Lonely Wild: 'Scar'
    71. The Long Wait: 'Back Home To Blue'
    72. The Long Wait: 'Dark Horses'
    73. The Long Wait: 'Drag'
    74. The Long Wait: 'Lookout Mountain'
    75. The Long Wait: 'Santa'
    76. Lorenzo Price: 'Changing Things'
    77. Masé Jara: 'Petit Abisme'
    78. Maurizio Pagnutti Sextet: 'All The Gin Is Gone'
    79. Maurizio Pagnutti Sextet: 'Bess'
    80. MerryGold: 'Motherload'
    81. Mikaela Davis & Southern Star: 'Cinderella'
    82. Mikaela Davis & Southern Star: 'Home In The Country'
    83. Mike Skalandunas: 'Sun Drenched'
    84. Mipso: 'Wallpaper Baby'
    85. Mirroman: 'Fever'
    86. Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers: Go Go Go
    87. Nikola Stajic ft. Vlasis Kostas: 'Nalim'
    88. Öjebokören: 'That's Entertainment'
    89. Pawel Maciwoda: '1 Of The First'
    90. People Like Us: 'Paddy Fahy’s Jig/Na Ceannabháin Bhána'
    91. Pretty Saro: 'Carolina In The Pines'
    92. Rod Alexander: 'Tears In The Rain'
    93. Rod Alexander: Pachelbel's 'Canon'
    94. Rovers Ahead: 'It's In These Times'
    95. Santi Vega: 'Ying Yang'
    96. Selwyn Jazz: Bill Ashton's 'Much Too Much'
    97. Simon Lyn: 'Copper'
    98. Spektakulatius: 'Christmas Blues'
    99. Spektakulatius: 'Is You Is Or Is You Ain't'
    100. Spektakulatius: 'Jeden Winter'
    101. Spektakulatius: 'Our Love Is Here To Stay'
    102. Spektakulatius: 'Wayfaring Stranger'
    103. Spektakulatius: 'What Child Is This'
    104. Swing Bazar: 'Fleche D'Or'
    105. Telefunken: Java Jive Sessions Song 1
    106. Telefunken: Java Jive Sessions Song 2
    107. Telefunken: Java Jive Sessions Song 3
    108. Timo Carlier: 'The Road Ahead'
    109. Tom McKenzie: 'Directions'
    110. Uncle Dad: 'Who I Am'
    111. U T Gandhi: 'Arto'
    112. Will Knox: 'Cog In The Machine'
    113. Wolf's Head & Vixen Morris Band: 'Lament'
    114. Woven Hollow: 'Tell Me Nice'
    115. Zwiepack: 'Air'
    116. Zwiepack: 'Summertime'
  4. Electronica, Dance, Experimental, Spoken Word
    1. Albert Kader: 'Ubiquitous'
    2. Albert Kader: 'Whiptails'
    3. AM Contra: 'Heart Peripheral'
    4. APZX: 'Amalgamize'
    5. APZX: 'Cyber Mower'
    6. APZX: 'From Earth To Planet Omega'
    7. APZX: 'Lacuna'
    8. APZX: 'Transcention'
    9. Aron Jaeger: 'Fly High'
    10. Babe Grand: 'Aiguille Rouge'
    11. Babe Grand: 'King Of The Weekend'
    12. Ben Flowers: 'Retry'
    13. Ben Flowers: 'Ecstasy'
    14. Bravestar: 'Downtempo'
    15. Brennon Causey: 'Centauri B'
    16. c:fx: 'Mathematician'
    17. Carol Dant: 'Do Not Stand'
    18. Carol Dant: 'I Am The Desert'
    19. Chris Durban: 'Celebrate'
    20. cryonicPAX: 'Another Way'
    21. cryonicPAX: 'Excessive'
    22. cryonicPAX: 'Hold Me'
    23. cryonicPAX: 'Melancholy'
    24. Erocy: 'Phantom'
    25. FIN: 'Echoes'
    26. Francisco Perez: 'Spaces'
    27. Galias: 'Horizon'
    28. Georgia Wonder: 'Siren'
    29. Girls Under Glass: 'We Feel Alright'
    30. Guarna: 'Ancora Qui'
    31. Guarna: 'eyeliner'
    32. Guarna: 'Hawaii (feat. Kalv)'
    33. Guarna: 'Nuvole'
    34. Guarna: 'Orson Welles'
    35. Guarna: 'Paris'
    36. Guarna: 'Parole Vuote'
    37. Guarna: 'Puzzle (feat. Malachia)'
    38. Guarna: 'Roma'
    39. Guarna: 'Una Vita Sola'
    40. Ian Dearden: 'Terania Creek Walking'
    41. Ian Dearden: 'Thursday Reverie'
    42. J P Lantieri: 'Chardonnay'
    43. J P Lantieri: 'Chardonnay' (Ornery Remix)
    44. J P Lantieri: 'Chardonnay' (Mystik Vibe Remix)
    45. J P Lantieri: 'Chardonnay' (Lektrix Remix)
    46. J P Lantieri: 'Riesling'
    47. James Fabio: 'Machines On Treadmills'
    48. J0K3R: 'September Trance'
    49. John A Ardelli: 'Asiza'
    50. Juliet's Rescue: 'Heartbeats'
    51. Kaj Roger Willumsen: 'Dreamland'
    52. Karl Hungus: 'Got Your Love'
    53. Ludø: 'Sandstorm'
    54. Major Lazer: 'Light It Up (Remix)'
    55. Marc Chesterman: 'Plums'
    56. The Mountaineering Club Orchestra: 'Cruising The Ice'
    57. Mustafa Albazy: 'Shela Ya Marhaba'
    58. Mustafa Albazy: 'Tgheer'
    59. μ: 'Too Bright'
    60. Nahum Strickland: 'Steampunk Siege'
    61. Nervbloc: 'Slapback'
    62. Neuromantic: 'The Calm'
    63. Neuromantic: 'Unfinished Dreams'
    64. Nominal6: 'Escape Of The Hopping Rhinos'
    65. OctopusOnFire: 'Russian Bot'
    66. Pandemia eRock: 'Macaco Regresso'
    67. Punkdisco: 'Oral Hygiene'
    68. Rattletree: 'Just Let It Go'
    69. Skelpolu: 'Anomalous Weeping'
    70. Skelpolu: 'Cold Strive'
    71. Skelpolu: 'Entwine'
    72. Skelpolu: 'Human Mistakes'
    73. Skelpolu: 'Long Road'
    74. Skelpolu: 'Resurrection Resurrected'
    75. Skelpolu: 'Together Alone'
    76. Speak Softly: 'Broken Man'
    77. Studio ROM: 'Islets'
    78. Tim Taler: 'Stalker'
    79. Trybes: 'Running Out'
  5. Pop, Singer-Songwriter
    1. Actions: 'Devil's Words'
    2. Actions: 'One Minute Smile'
    3. Actions: 'South Of The Water'
    4. Adam Buckley: 'Drag Me Down'
    5. Aina Tramullas: 'Per Poder-Te Cantar'
    6. Ajay Nagarkoti & Vibhu Dixit: 'Ae Mere Humsafar'
    7. Al James: 'Schoolboy Fascination'
    8. Amber Skye: 'Howlin'
    9. Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers: 'Rescue Me'
    10. Angelo Boltini: 'Fragments'
    11. Angelo Boltini: 'This Town'
    12. Atlantis Bound: 'It Was My Fault For Waiting'
    13. Banda Magda: 'Mouche'
    14. BaumXmedia: 'Dream State' (feat Flora Lin)
    15. BaumXmedia: 'Koishii' (feat N.I.A.)
    16. Ben Carrigan: 'Hey Carrie Anne'
    17. Ben Carrigan: 'We'll Talk About It All Tonight'
    18. Benjamin John: 'Better Way'
    19. Brian C Cai Fei Hong: 'Hold Me'
    20. Brian C Cai Fei Hong: 'Never Let You Go'
    21. Brian C Cai Fei Hong: 'Your Star'
    22. Bruks: 'Kak Tvoi Dela, Vova?'
    23. Carlitos Gonzalez: 'A Place For Us'
    24. ChrisB: 'Future Soil'
    25. David Tyo: 'It's So Easy To Love You'
    26. David Tyo: 'Long Way Home'
    27. David Tyo: 'Never Ebb But Flow'
    28. David Tyo: 'Oh, Life'
    29. Digital Humans: 'Electrvm'
    30. Digital Humans: 'Relentlessly'
    31. Dorothea Wessel: 'Muddy Water'
    32. Drumtracks: 'Ghost Bitch'
    33. E J Rios: 'Echo (feat. Analise Rios)'
    34. Eduard Semenov: 'Big Man's Death'
    35. Eduard Semenov: 'River Of The White Gloom'
    36. Finlay: 'Same Kind Of Life'
    37. Fredy V: 'Not Alone'
    38. Hannes Keseberg: 'You Know Better'
    39. Human Radio: 'You And Me And The Radio'
    40. Ian Dearden (with Vicki Swann & Jonny Dyer): 'Song For John'
    41. Ilmari Kontia: 'Funkkihillo'
    42. James Elder & Mark M Thompson: 'The English Actor'
    43. Jay Menon:'Through My Eyes'
    44. Jeff Hirata: 'Sunshine'
    45. JJ Cinnerman: 'Never Say Goodbye'
    46. Jules King: 'Never Stop'
    47. Kat Wright: 'Contact'
    48. Kat Wright: 'By My Side'
    49. Keystone Angel: 'Afterglow'
    50. Leaf: 'Come Around'
    51. Leaf: 'Summerghost'
    52. Leaf: 'Wicked'
    53. Leslie Mendelson: 'The Hardest Part'
    54. Lyndsey Ollard: 'Catching Up'
    55. Marc Ellason: 'Treadmills'
    56. Marc Ellason: 'Upside Down'
    57. Monsieur Periné: 'Encanto Tropical'
    58. Moosmusic: 'Big Dummy Shake
    59. Nzca Lines: 'Pure Luxury'
    60. oxeye: 'Sorry'
    61. oxeye: 'Reflection'
    62. Plan Caliente: 'El Marinero'
    63. Raft Monk: 'Tiring'
    64. Random Somebody: 'Crazy For Me'
    65. Remember December:'C U Next Time'
    66. Remember Jones: 'Don't Put Me On Hold'
    67. Ricardo Santiago: 'Dream No. 12'
    68. Ricardo Santiago: 'Let The Music Fade Away'
    69. Ricky Legend: 'Comet'
    70. Ricky Legend: 'Going To The Moon'
    71. Ronnie Jones: 'Why Don't You Stay'
    72. Rubblebucket: 'Carousel Ride'
    73. Sambasevam Shanmugam: 'Kaathaadi'
    74. Saturn Syndicate: 'Catch The Wave'
    75. Saturn Syndicate: 'Never Leave The Night Alone'
    76. Signe Jakobsen: 'What Have You Done To Me'
    77. Silona: 'Learning How To Fly'
    78. simplemachine: 'Ingloria'
    79. simplemachine: 'Ones And Zeros'
    80. simplemachine: 'Unbroken (I Remember Everything)'
    81. Sören: 'A Little Late'
    82. St Vitus: 'Word Gets Around'
    83. Starnes & Shah: 'Prodigal Son'
    84. Strobe: 'Gone'
    85. Strobe: 'Maya'
    86. Strobe: 'Nostalgic'
    87. Tall Heights: 'Spirit Cold'
    88. Ted Behrman: 'Convertible'
    89. Timo And The Timezone: 'Just Don't Talk'
    90. Trick Bird: 'Window'
    91. Triviul: 'Alright?'
    92. Triviul: 'Angelsaint'
    93. Triviul: 'Better?'
    94. Triviul: 'Dorothy'
    95. Triviul: 'Gimme'
    96. Triviul: 'To Sam Rawfers'
    97. Turn Back To Spring: 'Another Day Calling'
    98. The Wrong 'Uns: 'Rothko'
  6. Alt Rock, Blues, Country Rock, Indie, Funk, Reggae
    1. Alan Evans Trio: 'I'm Coming Home'
    2. Alan Mansfield & John Pritchard: 'Boat Ride'
    3. Andres Guazzelli: 'Attention'
    4. Andres Guazzelli: 'Flores De Abril'
    5. Arise: 'Run Run Run'
    6. Avalon: 'All I Know'
    7. Banned From The Zoo: 'Black Out Betty'
    8. Banned From The Zoo: 'Encore'
    9. Banned From The Zoo: 'Fish Tacos'
    10. Banned From The Zoo: 'Turn On Me'
    11. Big Head Todd & The Monsters: 'Hey Delilah'
    12. Big Mean Sound Machine: 'Contraband'
    13. Big Stone Culture: 'Fragile Thoughts'
    14. Black Bloc: 'If You Want Success'
    15. Blues Bastards: 'Lights Out!'
    16. Blues Bastards: 'Sugar'
    17. BMorgan&FRIENDS: 'Nowhere'
    18. Bobby Nobody: 'Stitch Up'
    19. Boogiesnakes: 'It's My Right'
    20. Bosnian Rainbows: 'Morning Sickness'
    21. Bronze Radio Return: 'Mister, Mister'
    22. Buitraker: 'Revo X'
    23. The Butterfly Effect: 'An Ultra Violet Apology'
    24. The Butterfly Effect: 'Fairytale'
    25. The Butterfly Effect: 'Preach Right Here'
    26. Catfolkin: 'Odi A La Barretina'
    27. Catfolkin: 'Sant Jordi v2.0'
    28. CEF Mallorca GSII 2017-18 Sessions: 'Viviendo Del Reves'
    29. Chad Hollister Band: 'Eyes'
    30. Chris Coltraine: 'Heather Jane'
    31. Chris Coltraine: 'That's How I Got To Memphis'
    32. Cotton Drifting: 'Rainy Day II'
    33. Detsky Sad: 'Walkie Talkie'
    34. Diesel13: 'Colour Me Red'
    35. Diesel13: 'Roar'
    36. Dopapod: 'Plaese Haalp'
    37. The Doppler Shift: 'Atrophy'
    38. Dunning Kruger: 'EnDance'
    39. Dunning Kruger: 'Japan Song'
    40. Dunning Kruger: 'Sascha'
    41. Eager Sails: 'Hate Songs'
    42. Eager Sails: 'Post Rock Is Dumb'
    43. Eager Sails: 'The Last Elm'
    44. Enter The Haggis: 'Two Bare Hands'
    45. Escarràs: 'No Limits'
    46. Evening Darling -- 'Passenger Side'
    47. Fergessen: 'Back From The Start'
    48. Fergessen: 'The Wind'
    49. Fergessen: 'Nos Palpitants'
    50. The Ferryboat Men: 'The Winds Of Gypsy Moor'
    51. Flags: '54'
    52. Fruition: 'Santa Fe'
    53. Funky Dawgs Brass Band: 'Place 2 Be'
    54. Ghost Note: 'Ja Make Ya Dance'
    55. The Great Enough: 'Die Young'
    56. Hazael: 'A Mi Lado'
    57. Hazael: 'Amor Que Lucha'
    58. Hazael: 'Resistencia Para Un Nuevo Comenzar'
    59. Hollowstate: 'Gravediggers'
    60. How To Kill A Conversation: 'Heart On My Thumb'
    61. How To Kill A Conversation: 'Location Location'
    62. How To Kill A Conversation: 'Mute'
    63. How To Kill A Conversation: 'Oil'
    64. How To Kill A Conversation: 'Showmonster'
    65. Hurray For The Riff Raff: 'Living In The City'
    66. Ikebe Shakedown: 'The Last Stand'
    67. Jackie Greene: 'Don't Let The Devil Take Your Mind'
    68. Jackie Greene: 'Rise Up Singing'
    69. Jakub Byzia: 'Soda Envy'
    70. Jamie Kent: 'All-American Mutt'
    71. James Timms x Benjamin Cooseman: 'Can You Say The Same'
    72. Jokers, Jacks & Kings: 'Sea Of Leaves'
    73. Kung Fu: 'Daddy G'
    74. Kung Fu: 'Joy Ride'
    75. Leftover Salmon: 'River's Risin'
    76. Lingua Funqa: 'Do It Again'
    77. Lingua Funqa: 'Just One Minute'
    78. Mady & Seus Namorados: 'Pirarucumbia'
    79. Malenky Slovos: 'Matterplay'
    80. Man About A Dog: 'Maggie May'
    81. Marcus Boeltz: 'Shut Up And Play'
    82. Motor Tapes: 'Shore'
    83. The Mountaineering Club: 'Mallory'
    84. The MudPuddles: 'Dark Space'
    85. Neon Hornet: 'Take It Off'
    86. Nerve 9: 'Living Lie'
    87. Nerve 9: 'Pray For The Rain'
    88. One Time Weekend: 'One Time Weekend'
    89. Our Good Wolf: 'Tourism'
    90. The Penniless Wild: 'Seat Back'
    91. Perdidos Na Zone Sul: 'Meu Bem'
    92. Peter White: 'The Blues Is A Lady'
    93. Peter White: 'Crazy Girl'
    94. Phre The Eon: 'Everybody's Falling Apart'
    95. Plywood Cowboy: 'Last Night's Gig'
    96. Primakova: 'The Glass'
    97. Purple Hat Mob: 'Access Denied'
    98. Qupe: 'Ayni Nehirde'
    99. Rebecca Haviland & Whiskey Heart: '57 Chevy'
    100. Redwood: 'Smoker And The Stoner'
    101. Ripe: '4 Out Of 10'
    102. Ripe: 'Little Lighter'
    103. Salon 8: 'Gökyüzü'
    104. Secretariat: 'Borderline'
    105. Secretariat: 'Homebound'
    106. Secretariat: 'Over The Top'
    107. ShortWave RadioBand: 'Don't Care'
    108. ShortWave RadioBand: 'SomeDay'
    109. Six Fox Whiskey: 'Hope And The Sea'
    110. Skyeez & The Whiteflies: 'Banana Split'
    111. Skyeez & The Whiteflies: 'Jump Across'
    112. Spike Mullings: 'Mike's Sulking'
    113. Swatkins & Moorea Masa: 'Until I Get Back'
    114. Swinging Steaks: 'Lost My Way'
    115. The Sunshine Garcia Band: 'For I Am The Moon'
    116. Szlachetka: 'Heart Of My Home Town'
    117. Terry Anderson's OAK Team: 'Girls With Glasses'
    118. thelvnguage: 'Kings And Queens'
    119. thelvnguage: 'Raspberry Jam'
    120. The Timezone: 'GOTGF'
    121. Tommy Marcinek: 'Happy Blues'
    122. Tommy Marcinek: 'My Childhood Sweetheart'
    123. Traffic Experiment: 'Once More (With Feeling)'
    124. Traffic Experiment: 'Sirens'
    125. Trafficker: 'My Father Never Loved Me'
    126. The Travelling Band: 'Passing Ships'
    127. The Travelling Band: 'Quicksand'
    128. Turkuaz: 'Lookin' Tough, Feelin' Good'
    129. Turkuaz: 'Tip Toe Through The Crypto'
    130. Umphrey's McGee: 'Crucial Taunt'
    131. Wesley Morgan: 'Backroom In Tulsa'
    132. Wesley Morgan: 'Flesh And Bone'
    133. Wesley Morgan: 'Poor Boy'
    134. Wess Meets West: '64 Bristol'
    135. Wess Meets West: 'Direct Experience'
    136. The Western Den: 'Like You Do'
    137. Whitten And. Williams: 'How To Make A Mirror'
    138. Whitten And. Williams: 'Lie To Me'
    139. W.I.N.D.: 'Funky To The Bone'
    140. W.I.N.D.: 'Temporary Happiness'
    141. Wide Waters: 'Into The Forest'
    142. Will Evans: 'Me And My Crew'
    143. Woodfire: 'Animals'
    144. Woodfire: 'Get Fooled'
    145. Woodfire: 'Haunted House'
    146. Woodfire: 'Outer _'
    147. Woodfire: 'Wealthy In Time'
    148. Xarxa: 'Cors Desbocats'
    149. Zeno: 'Signs'
  7. Rock, Punk, Metal
    1. Ale Lak: 'Nosso Mundo Deixou De Existir'
    2. All Hands Lost: 'Ambitions'
    3. Angels In Amplifiers: 'I'm Alright'
    4. The Apprehended: 'Still Flyin''
    5. Arcadian Alone: 'The Deathless One'
    6. Balkun Brothers: 'So Hi. So Lo.'
    7. Bill Chudziak: 'Children Of No-one'
    8. The Black Crown: 'Cage'
    9. The Black Crown: 'Flames'
    10. Boss Fight: 'Droid'
    11. The Brew: 'What I Want'
    12. The Bright Star Alliance: 'Error 404'
    13. The Bright Star Alliance: 'Make Like A Tree'
    14. Candlebox: 'Happy Pills'
    15. Candlebox: 'Surrendering'
    16. Cnoc An Tursa: 'Bannockburn'
    17. The Complainiacs: 'Etc'
    18. Cunegonda: Guerra Alla Frontiera
    19. Daimon B: 'Another Life'
    20. Daimon B: 'Broken Again'
    21. Daimon B: 'Cold'
    22. Daimon B: 'Pain Remains'
    23. Daimon B: 'Toxic'
    24. Daimon B: 'Truth (Found Me)'
    25. Dark Ride: 'Burning Bridges'
    26. Dark Ride: 'Dead Enemies'
    27. Dark Ride: 'Deny Control'
    28. Dark Ride: 'Hammer Down'
    29. Dark Ride: 'Piece Of Me'
    30. Death Of A Romantic: 'The Well'
    31. Decypher: 'Unseen'
    32. Dry Clean Only: 'Iron Sheik'
    33. Eat The Feeder: 'Today's The Day'
    34. Eat The Feeder: 'Wickerman'
    35. Forkupines: 'Semantics'
    36. Forkupines: 'Sleep By The Fire, Bloom In Water'
    37. Forkupines: 'Sugar - Faith'
    38. Fytakyte: 'Bitter'
    39. Fytakyte: 'Disconnected'
    40. Fytakyte: 'Fade'
    41. Fytakyte: 'Life Gets In The Way'
    42. Fytakyte: 'Outa Control'
    43. Fytakyte: 'Too Much'
    44. Geometria Chicken: 'Chasque'
    45. Geometria Chicken: 'Das Funkeren'
    46. Geometria Chicken: 'Incidente En Intag'
    47. Geometria Chicken: 'Tubos De Cristal, Tela Adhesiva Y Grapas'
    48. Headwound Harry: 'XXXV'
    49. Hollow Ground: 'Ill Fate'
    50. Hollow Ground: 'Left Blind'
    51. House Of Bedlam: 'Eventide'
    52. I Am Cassettes: 'Believe'
    53. Imp Act: 'Another Life'
    54. Imp Act: 'Back In Time'
    55. Imp Act: 'Dying Light'
    56. Imp Act: 'The Island Of Alsocanla'
    57. Impossible Colours: 'Dune Rider'
    58. Impossible Colours: 'The Truth'
    59. In This Place: 1125
    60. Inhumanity Vortex: 'Cybermod'
    61. Jack Hutcheson: 'The Machiavellian'
    62. Jack Hutcheson: 'The Narcissist'
    63. Jack Hutcheson: 'The Psychopath'
    64. Jet B: 'Suit You'
    65. Jet B: 'To The Wolves'
    66. John McKay: 'Daisy Daisy'
    67. Johnny Lokke: 'Promises & Lies'
    68. Johnny Lokke: 'Whisper To A Scream'
    69. Johnny Swain: 'Freedom (Lay Down My Life For You)'
    70. Juanita Dientes Verdes: 'Dios Salve El R&R - Cielo Sin Santos'
    71. Juanita Dientes Verdes: 'Donde No Llega La Luz'
    72. Juanita Dientes Verdes: 'Placido Domingo'
    73. The Laminar Flow: 'Headspace'
    74. Lastlegacy: 'Who's Who In Hell'
    75. Lead Inc: 'The Inner Circle'
    76. Lead Inc: 'The Dice'
    77. Lead Inc: 'Way Of Life'
    78. The Left Backs: 'The Feeling'
    79. Louis Cressy Band: 'Good Time'
    80. Magician's Nephew: 'Get Out Of Bed'
    81. Magician's Nephew: 'Symphony Of Silence'
    82. The Maybe Next Years: 'One Flip Flop'
    83. McLovins: 'Buildin' It Up'
    84. MekaPhil: 'Alive (Yet Free)'
    85. MekaPhil: 'Core (Eternal Waltz)'
    86. MekaPhil: 'Timeless (Part 1)'
    87. MekaPhil: 'Timeless (Part 2)'
    88. Memnoir: 'The One'
    89. Mini Simmons: 'Push And Pull'
    90. Mistrusted: 'Carnival Charade'
    91. Mistrusted: 'Cascade'
    92. Mistrusted: 'Polemic'
    93. Mistrusted: 'Trapped'
    94. MOPP: 'Ukraina'
    95. Mykey Massacre: 'Don't Please Stay'
    96. Mykey Massacre: 'Open Fire'
    97. Mykey Massacre: 'Struggle City'
    98. North To Alaska: 'All The Same'
    99. Nova-One Studio: 'Four Graham'
    100. Pablo Martin: 'Progresivo 1, El Vuelo'
    101. Painted Skies: 'Piers'
    102. Peppermark: 'Another Feeling'
    103. Peppermark: 'Interlude'
    104. Perpetual Escape: 'Duty & Memories'
    105. Perpetual Escape: 'Into My Dreams'
    106. Perpetual Escape: 'Roots Of Mankind'
    107. Perpetual Escape: 'Sin Six'
    108. Perpetual Escape: 'Stop And Rise'
    109. Prusinski: 'In The Band'
    110. Prusinski: 'Magdalena'
    111. Prusinski: 'Sorry Girl'
    112. Rebuild The Evil: 'Burial Of Silence'
    113. Robert Hammon: 'The Elephant'
    114. Rock Me: 'Facing The Truth'
    115. Ruby Roads: 'Rat Race'
    116. Scott Elliott: 'Aeternum Vale'
    117. Serapis: 'The Dark Abyss'
    118. Serapis: 'Morbus Animi'
    119. Silence Is Near: 'The Forthcoming Turn'
    120. SkalyVan: 'All To End'
    121. SkalyVan: 'Agony'
    122. SkalyVan: 'A Picture Of S**t'
    123. Slimy Soul Suckers: 'The Cross Roads'
    124. Slimy Soul Suckers: 'Joe's Bar'
    125. Sonnet & Alcohol: 'Back To The Nineties'
    126. Storm Of Particles: 'Of Ice And Hopeless Fate'
    127. Street Noise: 'I'd Rather Be Drinkin''
    128. Street Noise: 'Revelations'
    129. Street Noise: 'You Are The One'
    130. Szymon Skiba: 'Death Metal Sucks'
    131. Szymon Skiba: 'Let's Dance'
    132. Szymon Skiba: 'Some Trashy Thrash, I Guess'
    133. Tholas P: 'Such Fine People'
    134. Timboz: 'Pony'
    135. Titanium: 'Haunted Age'
    136. Turbosauro: 'Magilla'
    137. Umbriferous: 'Sandcastles (Illusion)'
    138. Unicorn Rodeo: 'Maybe'
    139. Violent Bliss: 'Voiceless Siren'
    140. V.M.GY: 'Aureus Necrosis'
    141. V.M.GY: 'Bloodshed'
    142. V.M.GY: 'The Crown'
    143. V.M.GY: 'Equilibrium'
    144. V.M.GY: 'Fountain Of Eternal Life'
    145. V.M.GY: 'Omen'
    146. V.M.GY: 'Purgatory'
    147. Voelund: 'Comfort Lives In Belief'
    148. Wall Of Death: 'Femme'
    149. We Fell From The Sky: 'Not You'
    150. Wires: 'Red On You'
    151. Young Griffo: 'Blood To Bone'
    152. Young Griffo: 'Facade'
    153. Young Griffo: 'Pennies'
    154. Zane Carney & Friends: 'Talk To Me Baby'
  8. Hip-hop, R&B, Soul
    1. Admiral Crumple: 'Keeps Flowing'
    2. Allen Stone: 'Naturally'
    3. Egda Carolyn: 'Saudade Do Teu Beijo'
    4. G-Bass Project: 'New Day Dawning'
    5. G-Bass Project: 'You Make Me Smile'
    6. Jessica Childress: 'Slow Down'
    7. Justin Myles: 'Alone With You'
    8. Kangoro: 'Animal'
    9. Kangoro: 'Bitch Is Paranoid'
    10. Kangoro: 'Clinic A'
    11. Kangoro: 'Easy Tiger'
    12. Kangoro: 'King Rascal'
    13. Kangoro: 'Rockshow'
    14. Killa-L: 'Window'
    15. Little Chicago's Finest: 'My Own'
    16. M.E.R.C. Music: 'Knockout'
    17. Pepelpovetru: 'Tochka'
    18. Ryan Cali: Back Down
    19. Ryan Cali: 'Crazy'
    20. Side Effects Project: 'Sing With Me'
    21. Sound On Sound Demo: 'Mystery'
    22. Stephano Petrocca: 'Foundation'
    23. Tytillidie x Xollllinnnn: 'Bankroll'
    24. Tytillidie x Xollllinnnn: 'Beauty'
    25. Tytillidie x Xollllinnnn: 'Teleport'
    26. Triviul feat. The Fiend: 'Widow'
    27. West End Blend: 'Kane Guru'
    28. West End Blend 'Must Be Voodoo'