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Full Version: Alt Rock, Blues, Country Rock, Indie, Funk, Reggae
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Alt Rock, Blues, Country Rock, Indie, Funk, Reggae

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  1. Alan Mansfield & John Pritchard: 'Boat Ride'
  2. Andres Guazzelli: 'Attention'
  3. Andres Guazzelli: 'Flores De Abril'
  4. Arise: 'Run Run Run'
  5. Avalon: 'All I Know'
  6. Banned From The Zoo: 'Black Out Betty'
  7. Banned From The Zoo: 'Encore'
  8. Banned From The Zoo: 'Fish Tacos'
  9. Banned From The Zoo: 'Turn On Me'
  10. Big Head Todd & The Monsters: 'Hey Delilah'
  11. Big Mean Sound Machine: 'Contraband'
  12. Big Stone Culture: 'Fragile Thoughts'
  13. Black Bloc: 'If You Want Success'
  14. Blues Bastards: 'Lights Out!'
  15. Blues Bastards: 'Sugar'
  16. Bobby Nobody: 'Stitch Up'
  17. Boogiesnakes: 'It's My Right'
  18. Bosnian Rainbows: 'Morning Sickness'
  19. Bronze Radio Return: 'Mister, Mister'
  20. Buitraker: 'Revo X'
  21. The Butterfly Effect: 'An Ultra Violet Apology'
  22. The Butterfly Effect: 'Fairytale'
  23. The Butterfly Effect: 'Preach Right Here'
  24. Catfolkin: 'Odi A La Barretina'
  25. Catfolkin: 'Sant Jordi v2.0'
  26. CEF Mallorca GSII 2017-18 Sessions: 'Viviendo Del Reves'
  27. Chad Hollister Band: 'Eyes'
  28. Chris Coltraine: 'Heather Jane'
  29. Chris Coltraine: 'That's How I Got To Memphis'
  30. Colton Benjamin: '21 grams'
  31. Colton Benjamin: 'Can't Let You Go'
  32. Colton Benjamin: 'Sail Away'
  33. Cotton Drifting: 'Rainy Day II'
  34. Detsky Sad: 'Walkie Talkie'
  35. Diesel13: 'Colour Me Red'
  36. Diesel13: 'Roar'
  37. The Doppler Shift: 'Atrophy'
  38. Dunning Kruger: 'EnDance'
  39. Dunning Kruger: 'Japan Song'
  40. Dunning Kruger: 'Sascha'
  41. Eager Sails: 'Post Rock Is Dumb'
  42. Eager Sails: 'The Last Elm'
  43. Enter The Haggis: 'Two Bare Hands'
  44. Evening Darling -- 'Passenger Side'
  45. Fergessen: 'Back From The Start'
  46. Fergessen: 'The Wind'
  47. Fergessen: 'Nos Palpitants'
  48. Flags: '54'
  49. Fruition: 'Santa Fe'
  50. Funky Dawgs Brass Band: 'Place 2 Be'
  51. Ghost Note: 'Ja Make Ya Dance'
  52. The Great Enough: 'Die Young'
  53. Hazael: 'A Mi Lado'
  54. Hazael: 'Resistencia Para Un Nuevo Comenzar'
  55. Hollowstate: 'Gravediggers'
  56. How To Kill A Conversation: 'Heart On My Thumb'
  57. How To Kill A Conversation: 'Location Location'
  58. How To Kill A Conversation: 'Mute'
  59. How To Kill A Conversation: 'Oil'
  60. How To Kill A Conversation: 'Showmonster'
  61. Hurray For The Riff Raff: 'Living In The City'
  62. Ikebe Shakedown: 'The Last Stand'
  63. Jackie Greene: 'Don't Let The Devil Take Your Mind'
  64. Jackie Greene: 'Rise Up Singing'
  65. Jamie Kent: 'All-American Mutt'
  66. James Timms x Benjamin Cooseman: 'Can You Say The Same'
  67. Jokers, Jacks & Kings: 'Sea Of Leaves'
  68. Kung Fu: 'Daddy G'
  69. Kung Fu: 'Joy Ride'
  70. Leftover Salmon: 'River's Risin'
  71. Lingua Funqa: 'Just One Minute'
  72. Mady & Seus Namorados: 'Pirarucumbia'
  73. Malenky Slovos: 'Matterplay'
  74. Man About A Dog: 'Maggie May'
  75. Marcus Boeltz: 'Shut Up And Play'
  76. Motor Tapes: 'Shore'
  77. The Mountaineering Club: 'Mallory'
  78. Neon Hornet: 'Take It Off'
  79. Nerve 9: 'Living Lie'
  80. Nerve 9: 'Pray For The Rain'
  81. One Time Weekend: 'One Time Weekend'
  82. The Penniless Wild: 'Seat Back'
  83. Perdidos Na Zone Sul: 'Meu Bem'
  84. Peter White: 'The Blues Is A Lady'
  85. Peter White: 'Crazy Girl'
  86. Phre The Eon: 'Everybody's Falling Apart'
  87. Plywood Cowboy: 'Last Night's Gig'
  88. Primakova: 'The Glass'
  89. Purple Hat Mob: 'Access Denied'
  90. Qupe: 'Ayni Nehirde'
  91. Ripe: '4 Out Of 10'
  92. Ripe: 'Little Lighter'
  93. Salon 8: 'Gökyüzü'
  94. Secretariat: 'Borderline'
  95. Secretariat: 'Homebound'
  96. Secretariat: 'Over The Top'
  97. Six Fox Whiskey: 'Hope And The Sea'
  98. Skyeez & The Whiteflies: 'Banana Split'
  99. Skyeez & The Whiteflies: 'Jump Across'
  100. Spike Mullings: 'Mike's Sulking'
  101. Swinging Steaks: 'Lost My Way'
  102. The Sunshine Garcia Band: 'For I Am The Moon'
  103. Szlachetka: 'Heart Of My Home Town'
  104. Terry Anderson's OAK Team: 'Girls With Glasses'
  105. thelvnguage: 'Kings And Queens'
  106. thelvnguage: 'Raspberry Jam'
  107. The Timezone: 'GOTGF'
  108. Tommy Marcinek: 'Happy Blues'
  109. Tommy Marcinek: 'My Childhood Sweetheart'
  110. Traffic Experiment: 'Once More (With Feeling)'
  111. Traffic Experiment: 'Sirens'
  112. Trafficker: 'My Father Never Loved Me'
  113. The Travelling Band: 'Passing Ships'
  114. The Travelling Band: 'Quicksand'
  115. Turkuaz: 'Lookin' Tough, Feelin' Good'
  116. Turkuaz: 'Tip Toe Through The Crypto'
  117. Wesley Morgan: 'Backroom In Tulsa'
  118. Wesley Morgan: 'Flesh And Bone'
  119. Wesley Morgan: 'Poor Boy'
  120. Wess Meets West: '64 Bristol'
  121. Wess Meets West: 'Direct Experience'
  122. The Western Den: 'Like You Do'
  123. W.I.N.D.: 'Funky To The Bone'
  124. W.I.N.D.: 'Temporary Happiness'
  125. Wide Waters: 'Into The Forest'
  126. Will Evans: 'Me And My Crew'
  127. Woodfire: 'Animals'
  128. Woodfire: 'Get Fooled'
  129. Woodfire: 'Haunted House'
  130. Woodfire: 'Outer _'
  131. Woodfire: 'Wealthy In Time'
  132. Zeno: 'Signs'