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Rock, Punk, Metal

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  1. Arcadian Alone: 'The Deathless One'
  2. The Black Crown: 'Flames'
  3. Daimon B: 'Another Life'
  4. Daimon B: 'Cold'
  5. Dark Ride: 'Burning Bridges'
  6. Dark Ride: 'Dead Enemies'
  7. Dark Ride: 'Deny Control'
  8. Dark Ride: 'Hammer Down'
  9. Dark Ride: 'Piece Of Me'
  10. Fytakyte: 'Bitter'
  11. Fytakyte: 'Life Gets In The Way'
  12. Fytakyte: 'Outa Control'
  13. Geometria Chicken: 'Chasque'
  14. Geometria Chicken: 'Das Funkeren'
  15. Geometria Chicken: 'Incidente En Intag'
  16. Geometria Chicken: 'Tubos De Cristal, Tela Adhesiva Y Grapas'
  17. Impossible Colours: 'Dune Rider'
  18. Imp Act: 'Another Life'
  19. Imp Act: 'Back In Time'
  20. Imp Act: 'Dying Light'
  21. Imp Act: 'The Island Of Alsocanla'
  22. Jack Hutcheson: 'The Machiavellian'
  23. Jack Hutcheson: 'The Narcissist'
  24. Jack Hutcheson: 'The Psychopath'
  25. Jet B: 'Suit You'
  26. Johnny Lokke: 'Promises & Lies'
  27. Johnny Lokke: 'Whisper To A Scream'
  28. The Laminar Flow: 'Headspace'
  29. Magician's Nephew: 'Get Out Of Bed'
  30. Magician's Nephew: 'Symphony Of Silence'
  31. The Maybe Next Years: 'One Flip Flop'
  32. MekaPhil: 'Timeless (Part 1)'
  33. MekaPhil: 'Timeless (Part 2)'
  34. Mini Simmons: 'Push And Pull'
  35. Mistrusted: 'Carnival Charade'
  36. Mistrusted: 'Polemic'
  37. Mistrusted: 'Trapped'
  38. MOPP: 'Ukraina'
  39. Mykey Massacre: 'Don't Please Stay'
  40. Mykey Massacre: 'Open Fire'
  41. Mykey Massacre: 'Struggle City'
  42. North To Alaska: 'All The Same'
  43. Peppermark: 'Interlude'
  44. Ruby Roads: 'Rat Race'
  45. SkalyVan: 'Agony'
  46. SkalyVan: 'A Picture Of S**t'
  47. Slimy Soul Suckers: 'The Cross Roads'
  48. Slimy Soul Suckers: 'Joe's Bar'
  49. Thomas P: 'Such Fine People'
  50. V.M.GY: 'The Crown'
  51. Wall Of Death: 'Femme'
  52. We Fell From The Sky: 'Not You'
  53. Young Griffo: 'Facade'