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Full Version: Acoustic, Jazz, Country, Orchestral
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Acoustic, Jazz, Country, Orchestral

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  1. 3D-MARCo Project: 'A Capella'
  2. 3D-MARCo Project: 'Piano Solo 1'
  3. 3D-MARCo Project: 'String Quartet'
  4. The Abletones Big Band: 'Corine, Corine'
  5. The Abletones Big Band: 'Song Of India'
  6. Alejo Granados: 'Rumba Chonta'
  7. Andrew Cole: 'Dead Roses'
  8. Andrey Yaroshinsky & The Gnessin Academy Chamber Orchestra: W.A. Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 12 K414 (Allegro)
  9. Angela Thomas Wade: 'Milk Cow Blues'
  10. Anna Blanton: 'Rachel'
  11. Anna Blanton: 'Waves'
  12. Araujo: 'The Saga Of Harrison Crabfeathers'
  13. Asam Classical Soloists: J.S.Bach's 'Jesu bleibet meine Freude'
  14. Asam Classical Soloists: G.F.Handel's 'Non Lo Diro Col Labbro'
  15. The Balazs Daniel Boogie Woogie Trio: 'Own Way To Boogie'
  16. Barnstar!: 'Believer'
  17. Barnstar!: 'You Don't Know'
  18. Blue Lit Moon: 'Dad's Glad'
  19. Bolz & Knecht: Brahms's 'Hungarian Dance No. 5'
  20. Bolz & Knecht: 'Summertime'
  21. Camilla Francesca Bull: Massenet's 'Va! Laisse Couler Mes Larmes'
  22. Camilla Francesca Bull: W.A.Mozart's 'Voi Che Sapete'
  23. Chalga: 'Szárad A Száj'
  24. Colebrook Road: 'Bright Angel'
  25. Cyrille Aimée: 'Make You Dance'
  26. David Crosby: 'The Things We Do For Love'
  27. David Youngs: 'Dust, You & Me'
  28. David Youngs: 'Long Overdue'
  29. David Youngs: 'Technomantra'
  30. Dino On The Loose: 'Queen's Light'
  31. Don Camillo Choir: 'The Marsh Marigold's Song'
  32. Don Camillo Choir: 'Trude The Bumblebee'
  33. Don Camillo Choir: 'The Woodworm Song'
  34. Eddie Garrido: '5th Floor'
  35. Eddie Garrido: 'Africa'
  36. Eddie Garrido: 'A Cry For Normalcy'
  37. Eddie Garrido: 'Scarlett'
  38. Eddie Garrido: 'Una Semana Sin Ti'
  39. Enda Reilly: 'An Nasc Nua'
  40. Enda Reilly: 'Cur An Long Ag Seol'
  41. Ethan Winer: 'Cello Concerto in A Minor'
  42. Francis Dunnery: 'Immaculate'
  43. Francis Dunnery & Dorie Jackson: 'Heartache Reborn'
  44. Francis Dunnery & Dorie Jackson: 'Holiday'
  45. FriendZWorldMusic: 'Triba/Bao Kuku'
  46. The Funny Valentines: 'Sleigh Ride'
  47. Ghostly Beard: 'A Reason To Leave'
  48. Ghostly Beard: 'Blue'
  49. Ghostly Beard: 'Fool'
  50. Ghostly Beard: 'Set Me Free'
  51. Ghostly Beard: 'Upper Hand'
  52. Glen McPhee: 'A Sailor Once More'
  53. H-owl Project: 'If I Were A Bell'
  54. Jade Safirah: 'Paraisso'
  55. James May: 'All Souls Moon'
  56. James May: 'Don't Let Go'
  57. James May: 'Eliza Jane'
  58. James May: 'Hold On You'
  59. James May: 'If You Say'
  60. James May: 'On The Line'
  61. Jeffrey Hayat: 'Alex The Adventurer'
  62. Jesper Buhl Trio: 'What Is This Thing Called Love'
  63. Jesse Joy: 'Nearly There'
  64. Jesse Joy: 'Release'
  65. Joanna Ward: 'Away'
  66. Jonny Rodgers: 'Glorious'
  67. King's College London Baroque Orchestra: Telemann's 'La Lyra' Overture
  68. Lindy Hip Big Band: 'Makin' Whoopee'
  69. Lindy Hip Big Band: 'The Opener'
  70. The Lonely Wild: 'Scar'
  71. The Long Wait: 'Back Home To Blue'
  72. The Long Wait: 'Dark Horses'
  73. The Long Wait: 'Drag'
  74. The Long Wait: 'Lookout Mountain'
  75. The Long Wait: 'Santa'
  76. Lorenzo Price: 'Changing Things'
  77. Masé Jara: 'Petit Abisme'
  78. Maurizio Pagnutti Sextet: 'All The Gin Is Gone'
  79. Maurizio Pagnutti Sextet: 'Bess'
  80. MerryGold: 'Motherload'
  81. Mikaela Davis & Southern Star: 'Home In The Country'
  82. Mike Skalandunas: 'Sun Drenched'
  83. Mirroman: 'Fever'
  84. Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers: Go Go Go
  85. Nikola Stajic ft. Vlasis Kostas: 'Nalim'
  86. Öjebokören: 'That's Entertainment'
  87. Pawel Maciwoda: '1 Of The First'
  88. Pretty Saro: 'Carolina In The Pines'
  89. Rod Alexander: 'Tears In The Rain'
  90. Rod Alexander: Pachelbel's 'Canon'
  91. Rovers Ahead: 'It's In These Times'
  92. Santi Vega: 'Ying Yang'
  93. Selwyn Jazz: Bill Ashton's 'Much Too Much'
  94. Simon Lyn: 'Copper'
  95. Spektakulatius: 'Christmas Blues'
  96. Spektakulatius: 'Is You Is Or Is You Ain't'
  97. Spektakulatius: 'Jeden Winter'
  98. Spektakulatius: 'Our Love Is Here To Stay'
  99. Spektakulatius: 'Wayfaring Stranger'
  100. Spektakulatius: 'What Child Is This'
  101. Swing Bazar: 'Fleche D'Or'
  102. Telefunken: Java Jive Sessions Song 1
  103. Telefunken: Java Jive Sessions Song 2
  104. Telefunken: Java Jive Sessions Song 3
  105. Timo Carlier: 'The Road Ahead'
  106. Tom McKenzie: 'Directions'
  107. Uncle Dad: 'Who I Am'
  108. U T Gandhi: 'Arto'
  109. Will Knox: 'Cog In The Machine'
  110. Wolf's Head & Vixen Morris Band: 'Lament'
  111. Woven Hollow: 'Tell Me Nice'
  112. Zwiepack: 'Air'
  113. Zwiepack: 'Summertime'