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Full Version: Emergency - voelund
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Had started this one a while ago.
For some reason I cant remember it never finished.
Gave it a go again today
It came together pretty fast, its a great song and performance.
I hope I did it justice
Nice and balanced sound! Fits perfectly this genre.

(For some reason the player of this site don't work anymore for me. I had to download the file.)
when I hear other mixes of songs I've already mix, it always gets my attention the differences I found! in this case, I like a lot the way you've mixed the BGVocals! they really sound like a bunch of friends there singing the song in some kind of party but at the same time, all controlled as it's supposed to be in a not live stage performance. And I love how you achieved this sound!!

Have you also tuned some words in the lead vocal?

great job!! I like it!!
Thank you both ! I loved that bv part, but it were so full of bleed from the monitors it was necessary to cut the audio very close to when they sing. I also limited and eq´d it as it were a wild choir :-)
No I just used the 3 leadvocal tracks - no tunin. I didnt pay much attention t it in my 2nd ix as it were allready processed in my first round. (mixed it in 2 rounds, 1st long a go and then yeasterday.) Drums n bas n guitars were all I did, and the tuned verb. Love that IR.


The player on site work in most browsers here, even on my old mac.
hey, hey, hey!!! I like what I found when I checked the link you provided Big Grin
Nice mix, great balance and very clear. Good job to make the acoustic guitars cut through in the mix as well!

Thanks for sharing
- The center sound field is a bit crowded at times. Some more panning maybe...
- I think it's too "loud", too much 2-bus comp.
- There's an unpleasant overall harshness - like you're running the mix through a distortion pedal/clipping. This is quite fatiguing after about a minute.
+ Great balance.
+ Great vibe, energy and bounce.
+ Good overall EQ.
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