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Full Version: Fytakyte - Bitter
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Awesome production, thanks for these files. Not sure if I quite got there but I had fun nonetheless. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
Hey Nick, glad you liked the production...

You have pretty solid overall balances happening here. Your work with keeping the levels under control and sounding punchy is good. The main area I see that needs attention is eq - particularly in the midrange.

I pulled your mix into a DAW to work out what was happening and I noted that there is a big buildup centred around 300hz - it is fairly broad too - extending from around 150 to 800hz. This tends to make the mix overall sound a bit muddy/boxy/honky. By comparison, below 100hz, the mix rolls of fairly steeply, so it could do with a little more sub down there.

The mids around 1.5k are also overly pronounced, and the high end again rolls of fairly steeply above 4k, so a lift in the highs there might be in order.

While I was able to improve the mix by eq'ing it to address these problems (see plot of the eq I used below), I'd suggest you might want to attack the issues at the source - at track level. Try eq'ing the individual elements to get rid of undesirable muddiness and boxiness in the low mids. Try adding some "air" to the high frequencies of the drums and vocals.
Thanks for the reply, this will definitely help a ton with future mixes.
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