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Full Version: Blue - My mix
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This is my mix of Blue, by Patrick Talbot.
Hey Dogbert

A really nice mix, I enjoyed listening to it .. Sounds great on the monitors.
Great Job!

Keep Mixing!

The "real" parts (guitar and voices) sound just right on their own and they'd do for a very nice stripped mix on their own. Keyboards are very pleasant to the ears, too.

Problem comes from the more against nature parts, because they have too much information and make the tune feel bloated, like a full elevator.
Bass is well programmed and sounds realistic, but has too much energy for this song, too many hi end and too percussive attack (transient controller?) on the notes. As it is, it's basically taking the front spot from the singer.
Drums are less of a problem, but they could take two steps backwards (snare mic, especially). I guess that, even in a modern context, a tune like this calls for a low profile drums, meaning few mics and not much separation.

I really liked how voice and background vocals blend!
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