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Full Version: Eliza Jane - Olli H
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I tried to make it smooth with focus only on the vox.

Latest version at post #13
Thanks for feedback! Definitely smoother sound. Some occasional resonances around 2.5k and 5k, probably from vocals, but nothing serious. Balance is just right, and there is also good sense of space. Solid work as always! Sounds like you've also take control of the distortion / saturation thing. I can see the distortion pattern in a fast goniometer, but still everything sounds very good. Nicely done.
Really nice sounding mix ,I love the full smooth sound of the vocals .
Some 't' 's' and 'f' on the vocals popping out a touch .
Everything sounds balanced and glued together nicely.
Great version Olli, I can agree for the most part with other comments. The song sounds well managed. It's a busy song melodically so I guess it can be a difficult one to keep the vocal performance prominent and focused for the listener. With the instruments and their arrangement it becomes a real balancing act between the right amount of accompaniment and not too much distraction. I will have to have a go at this one myself.

Well Done.
Thanks for feedback all

@kapu I've practising the parallel saturation lately. I'm glad if it works for you for you're the master of the distortion. I haven't found yet any ultimate saturation/distortion plugin, so I've been working mainly with free and cheap ones.

@thedon If I open this multitrack again, I'll defintely will work more with those t-s-f-explosions.

@dangerous With this one I was testing "automatic automation" (my own term) with side chained compressors to give more room for vox. I'm glad if the result worked for you.
(09-04-2017 10:25 AM)Olli H Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for feedback all

@kapu I've practising the parallel saturation (. . .)

Hmm.. I don't think it has that much to do with the processor, but more about the pre-eq (or how you emphasize the sound) before the processor. For me anyway it's a tool to exaggerate the sound.
I've been using linear eq after the distortion plugin. Maybe I should try to put it before to see if one can get different variations.
This is really good. I like the tone of the vocals. I don't really have any comment besides the issues others had mentioned.

Good work.
Nicely done; beautiful tones on everything, and I like the way you worked with the mandolins.
Nice work Olli! Listening to your mix made me go away and start again
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