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Full Version: Hey Carrie Anne-Yoshi
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Piano · Harmonica → strings → percussion
It was the best song for studying the mix
Vocal was also good with emotion

Thank you for listening
How did you get the big fat bass sound on the pizzicato double bass ? Even the arco ones sound great. A little more high end on vocals and thats it .
Hi Obelix

Thank you for listening
Pizzicato double bass Plugin:
UAD-Neve 1081: 0 db EQ ON. NO EQ
750 Hz 2 Step Down Q1.0 16 Khz shel 3 Step Up
DAW: Studio One Pro ver.3

Thank you for giving me impressions
Your opinion is glad.
Thank you very much
The best song for studying the mix
Sounding very nice Yoshi!

I'm wondering if it's worth experimenting with adding some extra 800hz body to the vocal. It's quite soft and airy which makes it hard to compete with the instruments.
Also I think you could feature the strings more during the instrumental part by lifting them up and riding the emotion of their parts. This will help build the song into the the finale.

You've done wellSmile
Hi icegoblin

I would like to cherish each sound

Thank you for listening
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