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Pop, Singer-Songwriter

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  1. Actions: 'Devil's Words'
  2. Actions: 'One Minute Smile'
  3. Actions: 'South Of The Water'
  4. Adam Buckley: 'Drag Me Down'
  5. Al James: 'Schoolboy Fascination'
  6. Ajay Nagarkoti & Vibhu Dixit: 'Ae Mere Humsafar'
  7. Amber Skye: 'Howlin'
  8. Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers: 'Rescue Me'
  9. Atlantis Bound: 'It Was My Fault For Waiting'
  10. Banda Magda: 'Mouche'
  11. Ben Carrigan: 'Hey Carrie Anne'
  12. Ben Carrigan: 'We'll Talk About It All Tonight'
  13. Benjamin John: 'Better Way'
  14. Bruks: 'Kak Tvoi Dela, Vova?'
  15. Carlos Gonzalez: 'A Place For Us'
  16. David Tyo: 'It's So Easy To Love You'
  17. David Tyo: 'Long Way Home'
  18. David Tyo: 'Oh, Life'
  19. Drumtracks: 'Ghost Bitch'
  20. E J Rios: 'Echo (feat. Analise Rios)'
  21. Finlay: 'Same Kind Of Life'
  22. Fredy V: 'Not Alone'
  23. Gracie Day: "What You Need"
  24. Hannes Keseberg: 'You Know Better'
  25. Human Radio: 'You And Me And The Radio'
  26. Ilmari Kontia: 'Funkkihillo'
  27. James Elder & Mark M Thompson: 'The English Actor'
  28. Jay Menon:'Through My Eyes'
  29. JJ Cinnerman: 'Never Say Goodbye'
  30. Jules King: 'Never Stop'
  31. Kat Wright: 'Contact'
  32. Keystone Angel: 'Afterglow'
  33. Leaf: 'Come Around'
  34. Leaf: 'Summerghost'
  35. Leaf: 'Wicked'
  36. Lyndsey Ollard: 'Catching Up'
  37. Moosmusic: 'Big Dummy Shake
  38. Raft Monk: 'Tiring'
  39. Random Somebody: 'Crazy For Me'
  40. Remember December:'C U Next Time'
  41. Remember Jones: 'Don't Put Me On Hold'
  42. Ricardo Santiago: 'Dream No. 12'
  43. Ricardo Santiago: 'Let The Music Fade Away'
  44. Ronnie Jones: 'Why Don't You Stay'
  45. Rubblebucket: 'Carousel Ride'
  46. Sambasevam Shanmugam: 'Kaathaadi'
  47. Signe Jakobsen: 'What Have You Done To Me'
  48. St Vitus: 'Word Gets Around'
  49. Starnes & Shah: 'Prodigal Son'
  50. Tall Heights: 'Spirit Cold'
  51. Ted Behrman: 'Convertible'
  52. Timo And The Timezone: 'Just Don't Talk'
  53. Trick Bird: 'Window'
  54. Triviul: 'Alright?'
  55. Triviul: 'Angelsaint'
  56. Triviul: 'Better?'
  57. Triviul: 'Dorothy'
  58. Triviul: 'Gimme'
  59. Triviul: 'To Sam Rawfers'
  60. Turn Back To Spring: 'Another Day Calling'
  61. The Wrong 'Uns: 'Rothko'
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