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Full Version: Hurray For The Riff Raff - Living In The City (Shaunobi Mix)
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This was a tough one. Lots of bleed, not much to grab onto EQ wise in the vox. Here's a partial list of what I did to try to make this one pop:
  • Used the Sunset Sound room 2 for room sound
  • Used the Sunset Sound plate, but ended up only using it on snare, not vox
  • Edited all vox down pretty tight - started with a gate but couldn't get it perfect, so just hand-edited
  • CLA Vox on all vocals
  • Console 1 across all tracks, most of them had some EQ, liberal high passing, some low passing, some compression
  • Used the Softube C1 9000 XL channel strip; just trying it out, not sure it was the "best" choice from among what I have from them
  • De-essed using RX 8
  • CLA fx on synth, gtrs
  • Master delay was Tape Echoes; gave it a dotted 8th swing, slightly off on purpose. It's pushed way back but listen for it on guitars
  • Weiss EQ MP + Magic Death Eye on master bus
  • FabFilter Pro-L limiter, but almost never hit more than about 1 dB here and there, mostly not hitting it. These tracks were pretty compressed to my ear already
  • Really struggled with vox; ended up doing some had volume automation. Also ended up using FLUX Syrah to level the vox before compression. Worked, kinda? Better than without IMO
Would appreciate constructive criticism! Tell me the top 3+ things you'd change!

I'll return the favor Smile