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Full Version: Eddie Garrido: 'Una Semana Sin Ti'
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Hey people,

here is my mix, feedback is always appreciated.
V2: I feel I have misjuged a few things, especially the bass. I think its better now...

Lukas Angel
I copied your mix into the project and played the sound ... It seems to me that either my monitors are deceiving me, or your monitors are deceiving you. You have a lack of midrange and you have aggressive vocals with sibilance. With me you have heard too many mid frequencies and, for some reason, also with an abundance of sibilants. Where is the truth? You won't understand ...))) I listened to my mix in monitors, headphones and a tablet - everything seems to be within the normal range. Well, yes, the piano played too much in the middle range, but I thought it was not bad. The first thought was to make it sound brighter, but this is jazz music, in this genre the piano often sounds less bright than in other genres. For this reason, I did not change the balance towards hi-mids.

And in your mix, I do not understand ... Obviously, there are not enough middle frequencies. I did more, but it didn't improve the picture because the vocals went from aggressive to crazy and the balance started to fall apart. I plugged in MatchEQ and tweaked it for pink noise, but it made it even worse by raising the low end sharply. In particular, there was a strong resonance in the low-mids area. In general, there are a lot of resonances in the middle frequencies, they all popped up at once, which made me turn off the plugin. The only thing I understood is that something is wrong here. Try to experiment with it yourself - it will be easier for you to figure it out.

But you have a great ende with a long reverb tail, reverb selection etc - I really liked it all. For example, I did not think of making such a final. All this you did beautifully, it is pleasant to listen to. You feel creative in the background of my crisis of ideas. ))) But these frequency oddities ...
P.S. Yes, and it would be nice for you to bring the piano closer, otherwise you get the feeling that he is playing behind the scenes, far ahead.
Hi Lukas
V2 is much better, pleasant mix, maybe you could mix in more background music like strings and horns. Wink