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Full Version: Hollow Ground - Ill Fate
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I wanted to make this song aggressive and in your face without being overly loud and compressed.My main priorities for this mix was definitely the drums and the vocals.I had a bit of trouble with getting the kick drum to stand out in the mix and not sound too clicky but I think it turned out well.For the vocals,I boosted at 4k and 2.5k by quite a bit.I also added a saturator plugin to bring out more aggression from the vocals.For this song,I decided to use delay instead of reverb for the vocals as I think it makes it less muddy.

It sounds like you've over cooked the master bus Wink
This is the new version.With less mud in the low end and more clarity.
 Well balanced Mix levelwise. Cool
Its missing some glue for a more cohesive feel. --> Master Compression, Limiting or/and BUS Compression

For my taste, the kick could have some more click or smack in the 1k-5k area.
Drums are a bit distant for the genre with untamed OH (try a 2-5k cut with dynamic EQ)
I recommend some samples