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Hollow Ground - Ill Fate
I wanted to make this song aggressive and in your face without being overly loud and compressed.My main priorities for this mix was definitely the drums and the vocals.I had a bit of trouble with getting the kick drum to stand out in the mix and not sound too clicky but I think it turned out well.For the vocals,I boosted at 4k and 2.5k by quite a bit.I also added a saturator plugin to bring out more aggression from the vocals.For this song,I decided to use delay instead of reverb for the vocals as I think it makes it less muddy.

.mp3    HollowGround_IllFate.mp3 --  (Download: 2 MB)


It sounds like you've over cooked the master bus Wink
I have a Polish friend, who is a sound engineer. Oh, and a Czech one too.

This is the new version.With less mud in the low end and more clarity.

.mp3    HollowGround_IllFate_V2.mp3 --  (Download: 4.96 MB)

 Well balanced Mix levelwise. Cool
Its missing some glue for a more cohesive feel. --> Master Compression, Limiting or/and BUS Compression

For my taste, the kick could have some more click or smack in the 1k-5k area.
Drums are a bit distant for the genre with untamed OH (try a 2-5k cut with dynamic EQ)
I recommend some samples