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You can find the multitrack files for this project in the 'Mixing Secrets' Free Multitrack Download Library.

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Here's some more project info provided by the band that you might find useful:

This track was recorded live at Pannonia Studios and you can see footage of the session in this video. The recording room was a single 250mx1440m, so there is some spill to deal with. The guitar amp was recorded in a separate room, using two microphones, placed about 40 cm away from each other. The alto sax was recorded with two microphones, one pointing towards the bell (looking down), the other towards the sound holes (directed upwards). The bass was recorded through a chain of piezo pickup -> amp -> DI box. There was only one overdub: a vocal double-track during the choruses, but the tracks have been slightly edited for timing.

As lyrics are in Hungarian, here is a raw translation, which might help to set the mood:

Szárad a száj (My mouth is dry)

My heart beats heavily,
When I dance with him.
I'll go anywhere,
If he calls me.

My feet move
Today I'll run away to him,
Across the mountains,
And he'll carry me on.

His hand is lingering
When he hugs me,
He can still come by spring
I'd still follow him.

My mouth is dry,
My lips are shaking too.
When hope is gone
It really hurts.


My feet move,
They want to go on.
My heart beats heavily,
It calls me dancing.

His hand is lingering,
It hurts when he hugs.
My mouth is dry,
We must drink.
Thank you very much.