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Full Version: #37 Mallory - "Hoppípolla?" never heard 'bout that!
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Guess a name mixer would have dropped half the tracks without even listening, set up a reverb send and made the mix faster than it takes to write this down, while I spent dumb time setting this up, oh whatever...

Eventually, I made some folder and subfolder tracks, so I could balance the piano riffs (low and high octave) with a crossfader, and then another crossfader to control the close/room mics balance of each of those. Does that make me a kickass Reaper hardcore gamer or just a certified nerd? I might upload that overcomplicated track template to the Reaper resources site, in case someone might find it useful.

Surgical EQ is Greek to me, and with this kind of overproduced stuff it definitely shows. I tried to go for tension and a boiling pot feeling for the crescendos, but honestly cannot tell if this is any listenable at all or if I just killed any breathing within the tune. Your ears will be very welcome!