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Full Version: Revo X
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Revo X

Original version needed a bass and mid lift (so the car told me) so added some with Dangerous EQ hopefully that sorts it.

Fantastic song - Good recording and arrangement was a joy to mix.

Went for an 80s reverb on snare and kept it loud throughout - something to hang my hat on.

Also created own drum room and sent quit a lot to it beefed it up a lot.
Oh this is cool, I can tell you had fun with this one, I would too. Definitely getting the same urge as you to inject some 80's into the mix. I wish I understood the lyrics though lol.

Not sure what comments to make really. Sounds great when the guitars really kick in, the vocals sit nicely on top. I love the 80's reverb on the snare but maybe it could do with tweaking a little bit more to get that really fat Lexicon 480 type sound. What reverb are you using?
I don't know, I'm tying to find something to suggest haha. Maybe after I've given it a shot.

Good mixing Smile
The reverb was Slate Verbsuite 80s snare - never use that but seemed appropriate.

Guitars sounded a little scratchy so now beefed up the low and mids may or may not sound better as got the Dangerouse Eq today - Plugin Alliance keep sending me tempting vouchers 85% off.