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Full Version: Hurray the riff Raff-living in the city (spandex mix)
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Hey Hey

So i did a mix of this today, let me know what you think, its a bit boring at the moment but i wanna try get the bones down properly.

lemme know what ya think

Cheers Big Grin

thnks for the comments

new mix up, cheers
Bass and kick work well (though maybe 1 or 2dBs too loud, it'd be easier to get volume without that). I like the BV's in the center, and the OH's on the refrain, they sound wild and free.

Main thing I see is the mix sounds kinda like an outdoors gig, kinda far from the stage. That snare reverb is jumping out of the mix, not in a good way. Same with the Hammond, it's taking too much space, I think. It's the part with less movement and it shouldn't be over the main guitar.

Bass guitar may be a bit too prominent, but the tone is excellent. You lost the guitar solo!!! The environment is good. I like it. It feels like an atempt to deal with the harsh cymbals through placement in a room. It works. Nicely done.
mix 002 up, lemme know guys