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Full Version: Hollowstate: 'Gravediggers' kapu mix
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did some sound replacing. ^_^
Well, I like this version much better than the original xD
(09-02-2019, 06:53 PM)OctopusOnFire Wrote: [ -> ]Well, I like this version much better than the original xD

thanks! good to know the greativity worked. ^_^
Interesting take turned it industrial with a tom petty feel ....i like it takes me back to the 80's in a good way
(09-02-2019, 09:19 PM)sagalegin Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting take [...]

thanks for listening! ^_^
I like your version ,very creative and Sounds great !
Well Done Big Grin
(10-02-2019, 04:38 AM)thedon Wrote: [ -> ]I like your version [...]

thank you very much for kind words! indeed, greatness and creativity in combination with triggering are the key incredients of my greativity. ^_^
added tweaked version.
All I can say is WOW!.The song is completely fresh and new under your hand. It's now an EDM masterpiece. Really well done. Hard to tell what you created and what was there which you modified. I hope the artist gets to hear this.
Cool REMix!
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