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Full Version: Living in the city - TheBouff Mix
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I enjoyed this one

here is a quick initial imx, all feedback welcome

lots of bleed in those backing tracks, which is a bit painful to deal with
Overall, it sounds nice, nothing clearly out of place. But...

Listening on headphones, the gate on the vocal is very noticeable, sometimes it cuts a little bit of the voice and it changes the drums, too. It's specially annoying when the BV's come in. Give bleed a chance, it's really not that much of a thing.

I'd get rid of that gate. Its effect is noticeable and you're also cutting out some words Smile
Bleeding isn't such a bad thing but in this case I actually 'cleaned up' my vocal track on my mix. Why ? Cause I use a lot of paralell processing on the vocal, which would only bring up the bleed in an uncontrollable manner. So I actually cleaned up simply by editing it out, worked pretty well. Smile
Word, hand editing can be way more convenient and faster than gating, plus you don't risk mistriggering issues. So often there are tunes when the drummer hits toms only once or twice, it takes seconds to do the cuts, crossfades and all.