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Full Version: Banned From The Zoo: 'Fish Tacos'
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I've been working on this song in the last couple of days... I think it's done!
I like your balance -- it sounds very convincing straight away. The only things that seem a bit odd are some of the tom fills. The snare is quite upfront, and I wonder whether you could actually round out its tone a little so that it doesn't sit that much in front of the vocal. By the same token, I find myself wondering why you bothered with the vocal reverb. Does it actually need it, especially as everything else seems quite dry? It's just distancing the singer, which seem counter-productive to me. Alternatively you've plenty of scope for adding blending reverb treatments to all the parts to an extent to get a better sense of blend -- it certainly sounds quite 'overdubbed' to me at the moment, and although that's a valid production decision I'd probably go for more of a cohesive ensemble sound in your position.

Your bass part is an interesting one, because it actually seems to come across quite well on the small speaker even though it's very warm and muted-sounding timbrally -- a nice bit of sound-design on your part, I'd say. I'm not convinced with the vocal 'radio-izing' effect at 0:29-0:41 (and elsewhere). I can kind of see the reasoning behind this, but it somehow feels a bit like a gimmick, given the generally fairly static sound of the mix, rather than something that supports the movement of the music.

Still, there's a lot to like here -- good job!
Thank you!

I've rounded the snare's EQ, as well as harmonica.

Here goes the improved mix...