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Full Version: Nos Palpitants - Mix and Master
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Hi y'all,

this is my second mix on Fergessen. A beautiful song!

Seems to be the vocal track is being compressed (at the tracking?) and somehow distorted in some parts. But anyway - what I tried to achieve is a kind of "growing fullness" in the vocal section, so at some time of the song I kinda doubled it (made some fake stereo and panned the resulting tracks relatively hard to the sides and gave them some extra reverb). Not too obvious, so, but in my ear a subtle "dramatical increase".

The drum-tracks were rather tricky. Lots of bleed. What especially annoyed me was the bleed of the hihats in the snare-tracks. And furtheron the stereo-room-track, that was kind of reversed stereowise. Had some extra work with this one. So finally I panned the main open hihat to the right, but couldn't really avoid to have it in the near-mid of the snare-track, too.

Mastering also is done by myself - so, now it's your turn, to tell me, if I did a decent job on this.

I would highly appreciate any comments.

Best regards,

Did some additional work on this:

mainly I did some more automation on several vocal parts in the mix. I lowered the e-guitar-bus on some parts and finally I adjusted the mix-buss-compression.

Masteringwise I did some automation on the threshold of the master-compressor. In the first part (without drums) I've set it a little bit sharper in order to pre-compress the vocal a tiny bit, so that it sounded a little more smoother and not that far "above" the whole thing. Beginning with the drums I took it back to where I was before.

I slightly adjusted the limiter to less compression at this stage (I used the free "Limiter No 6") and also lowered the limiter-output a bit in order to maintain some more dynamics of the song.

After a first listen this leads to a more balanced track in whole. But - and therefore I repeat myself: please judge it and tell me your impression.