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Full Version: Colour Me Red - HB Mix
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Version 1.0.

Not sure if I'm 100% happy with the mix but got to the point where I need a break.....and I've found that posting a mix is the fastest way to zero in on elements that need improving.

Will dive in and review some mixes once my ears cool down!!Big Grin


New Version, 1.1, updated below


New Version, 2.0, updated below (page 2)


New Version, 2.1, updated below (top of page 4) for Mike Senior

Final Version, 2.2, updated below (bottom of page 4) Contest entry
Hi hbguitar the only thing I would say is that there is too verb or slap delay on the main vocal apart from that it's a great mix, hope that helps well done.
Hey Cudjoe - thanks for listening man, Glad you enjoyed the mix. Re Vox fx i know what you mean. Its one of a number things on my checklist that i need to finalizeBig Grin

Hey Simon ,
Cool version listening on headphones Sounding good.
Maybe tame some hf strumming on the panned acoustic guitar.
Some more body on the snare in the centre after the intro would sound great.
Just a couple of thoughts mainly personal taste.
Enjoyed listening
Well Done Big Grin
Hey Don,

Thanks for listening. Re panned acugtr.......already on it for v2..Big Grin...it was annoying me too so have tamed with a 5K LPF....sounding much better already.

cheers, Simon

new version, 1.1. Couple of small tweaks

1. adjust vox fx
2. add smidge more bass
3. tame acugtr highs and banjo transients
4. tweak snare eq
5. rebalance elecgtr panning

Still not 100% sure about LVox level.....probably needs a push .... but these changes address most of the issues that were annoying me in v1.0
Hi Simon,
Version 1.1 sounds much better ,when listening in mono I like the vocals ,maybe a touch 1.5 k area.
listening in stereo the vocals sound more prominent than the centre vocal around 600-2k area in the side channels.
Just some thoughts while listening.

Cheers Big Grin
hey Don, thx for that.

You're spot on re BGVs. I usually carve a hole so the Lvox fits nicely but hadn't got around to doing that yet....not sure why. I think setting final Lvox level and balancing bgvs will get this mix just about where i want it, which i've sorta done.....just want to sleep on it and recheck in the morning before posting.

To my ears it sounds pretty thin with no mids as such .
Needs thickening up .All that high end it hard on the ears
also especially the snare.
Hey Alan, Thx for listening.

re thin tone, I'll have a look but fundamentally I think we must have very different tastes and/or very different monitoring set-ups.

cheers, Simon
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