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V.M.G.Y. - The Crown - 1ws Mix
I referenced one of my favorite records of all time and also decided that it would be best suited to make it crunchy. I clipped it on the output so as to make it sound angrier, which I felt suited the track. Old school loudness wars style!
Let me know what you think Big Grin 

.mp3    VMGY - The Crown - 1ws Mix.mp3 --  (Download: 13.85 MB)

for me the kick is too squashed. Not sure if you used comp or just a limiter.
The vocals have way too much de-Esser. He sounds like he has a numb tongue.
guitars are very warm.. I like them though they burry the cymbals a lil too much.

other than that the balance on your mix is pretty solid, just some eq and compression choices I don't agree with.