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'Do Not Stand' Mastering
Hi there! Big Grin
I come from EDM, but I’m practicing on musical styles I’m not familiar with to train my skills.

Here's my mastered version of "Do Not Stand." Not a lot was done on this master since the mix is already awesome. But a little too hot tbh.

Tell me what you think. Like if the dynamics, tonal balance, and soundstage are doing justice to the song.

.flac    Carol Dant - Do Not Stand.flac --  (Download: 40.97 MB)


I listened to your master and as with the mix, I found it a little bass heavy/dull/boxy in the low end, a little scooped and a little harsh in the high end (sibilance).
Also, I think your master is far from the current "commercial" levels.

Here is my master where I did try to enhance overall clarity and tame harshness.

.flac    Carol Dant - Do not stand (Palm Studio).flac --  (Download: 25.64 MB)

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