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Acoustic, Jazz, Country, Orchestral

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Asam Classical Soloists: G.F.Handel's 'Non Lo Diro Col Labbro',
Asam Classical Soloists: J.S.Bach's 'Jesu bleibet meine Freude',
Balazs Daniel Boogie Woogie Trio: 'Own Way To Boogie',
Bolz & Knecht: 'Summertime',
Blue Lit Moon: 'Dad's Glad',
Camilla Francesca Bull: Massenet's 'Va! Laisse Couler Mes Larmes',
Camilla Francesca Bull: W.A.Mozart's 'Voi Che Sapete',
David Youngs: 'Dust, You & Me',
David Youngs: 'Technomantra',
David Youngs: 'Long Overdue',
Don Camillo Choir: 'The Marsh Marigold's Song',
Don Camillo Choir: 'Trude The Bumblebee',
Don Camillo Choir: 'The Woodworm Song',
Eddie Garrido: '5th Floor',
Ghostly Beard: 'Blue',
Ghostly Beard: 'Fool',
Ghostly Beard: 'A Reason To Leave',
Ghostly Beard: 'Set Me Free',
Ghostly Beard: 'Upper Hand',
Glen McPhee: 'A Sailor Once More',
James May: 'All Souls Moon',
James May: 'Eliza Jane',
James May: 'If You Say',
James May: 'On The Line',
Jesse Joy: 'Nearly There',
Jesse Joy: 'Release',
King's College London Baroque Orchestra: Telemann's 'La Lyra' Overture,
Lindy Hip Big Band: 'The Opener',
Mirroman: 'Fever',
Öjebokören: 'That's Entertainment',
Rod Alexander: 'Tears In The Rain',
Santi Vega: 'Ying Yang',
Simon Lyn: 'Copper',
Spektakulatius: 'Christmas Blues',
Spektakulatius: 'Is You Is Or Is You Ain't',
Spektakulatius: 'Jeden Winter',
Spektakulatius: 'Our Love Is Here To Stay',
Spektakulatius: 'What Child Is This',
Spektakulatius: 'Wayfaring Stranger',
Swing Bazar: 'Fleche D'Or',
Timo Carlier: 'The Road Ahead',
Tom McKenzie: 'Directions',
Will Knox: 'Cog In The Machine',
Zwiepack: 'Air',
Zwiepack: 'Summertime'
66 94 Analogue Master
13-06-2024, 03:17 AM
by ER 108
Electronica, Dance, Experimental, Spoken Word 62 74 Guarna: 'Una Vita Sola'
24-05-2024, 10:59 PM
by Mammy
Pop, Singer-Songwriter 94 121 Hold Me
Yesterday, 01:53 AM
by Mark DiPrete
Alt Rock, Blues, Country Rock, Indie, Funk, Reggae

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Alan Mansfield & John Pritchard: 'Boat Ride',
Andres Guazzelli: 'Attention',
Andres Guazzelli: 'Flores De Abril',
Arise: 'Run Run Run',
Black Bloc: 'If You Want Success',
Bobby Nobody: 'Stitch Up',
Catfolkin: 'Sant Jordi v2.0',
Detsky Sad: 'Walkie Talkie',
Dunning Kruger: 'EnDance',
Dunning Kruger: 'Japan Song',
Dunning Kruger: 'Sascha',
Escarràs: 'No Limits',
Fergessen: 'Back From The Start',
Fergessen: 'Nos Palpitants',
Fergessen: 'The Wind',
The Ferryboat Men: 'The Winds Of Gypsy Moor',
Flags: '54',
Hazael: 'A Mi Lado',
Hazael: 'Amor Que Lucha',
Hazael: 'Resistencia Para Un Nuevo Comenzar',
How To Kill A Conversation: 'Heart On My Thumb',
How To Kill A Conversation: 'Location Location',
How To Kill A Conversation: 'Mute',
How To Kill A Conversation: 'Oil',
How To Kill A Conversation: 'Showmonster',
James Timms x Benjamin Cooseman: 'Can You Say The Same',
Jakub Byzia: 'Soda Envy',
Jokers, Jacks & Kings: 'Sea Of Leaves',
Lingua Funqa: 'Just One Minute',
Malenky Slovos: 'Matterplay',
Marcus Boeltz & Transatlantic Funk Unit: tracks from 'Departure' album,
The Mountaineering Club: 'Mallory',
Nerve 9: 'Living Lie',
Nerve 9: 'Pray For The Rain',
Perdidos Na Zone Sul: 'Meu Bem',
Peter White: 'The Blues Is A Lady',
Phre The Eon: 'Everybody's Falling Apart',
Purple Hat Mob: 'Access Denied',
Qupe: 'Ayni Nehirde',
Redwood: 'Smoker And The Stoner',
Secretariat: 'Borderline',
Skyeez & The Whiteflies: 'Banana Split',
Skyeez & The Whiteflies: 'Jump Across',
Swinging Steaks: 'Lost My Way',
Trafficker: 'My Father Never Loved Me',
The Travelling Band: 'Passing Ships',
The Travelling Band: 'Quicksand',
Wesley Morgan: 'Backroom In Tulsa',
Wesley Morgan: 'Flesh And Bone',
Zeno: 'Signs'
70 97 PurpleHatMob_AccessDenied...
12-06-2024, 07:51 PM
by Yggdra
Rock, Punk, Metal

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Arcadian Alone: 'The Deathless One',
The Black Crown: 'Flames',
Daimon B: 'Another Life',
Daimon B: 'Cold',
Dark Ride: 'Burning Bridges',
Dark Ride: 'Dead Enemies',
Dark Ride: 'Deny Control',
Dark Ride: 'Hammer Down',
Dark Ride: 'Piece Of Me',
Fytakyte: 'Bitter',
Fytakyte: 'Life Gets In The Way',
Fytakyte: 'Outa Control',
Geometria Chicken: 'Chasque',
Geometria Chicken: 'Das Funkeren',
Geometria Chicken: 'Incidente En Intag',
Geometria Chicken: 'Tubos De Cristal, Tela Adhesiva Y Grapas',
Impossible Colours: 'Dune Rider',
Imp Act: 'Another Life',
Imp Act: 'Back In Time',
Imp Act: 'Dying Light',
Imp Act: 'The Island Of Alsocanla',
Jack Hutcheson: 'The Machiavellian',
Jack Hutcheson: 'The Narcissist',
Jack Hutcheson: 'The Psychopath',
Jet B: 'Suit You',
Johnny Lokke: 'Promises & Lies',
Johnny Lokke: 'Whisper To A Scream',
The Laminar Flow: 'Headspace',
Magician's Nephew: 'Get Out Of Bed',
Magician's Nephew: 'Symphony Of Silence',
The Maybe Next Years: 'One Flip Flop',
MekaPhil: 'Timeless (Part 1)',
MekaPhil: 'Timeless (Part 2)',
Mini Simmons: 'Push And Pull',
Mistrusted: 'Carnival Charade',
Mistrusted: 'Polemic',
Mistrusted: 'Trapped',
MOPP: 'Ukraina',
Mykey Massacre: 'Don't Please Stay',
Mykey Massacre: 'Open Fire',
Mykey Massacre: 'Struggle City',
North To Alaska: 'All The Same',
Peppermark: 'Interlude',
Ruby Roads: 'Rat Race',
SkalyVan: 'Agony',
SkalyVan: 'A Picture Of S**t',
Slimy Soul Suckers: 'The Cross Roads',
Slimy Soul Suckers: 'Joe's Bar',
Thomas P: 'Such Fine People',
V.M.GY: 'The Crown',
Wall Of Death: 'Femme',
We Fell From The Sky: 'Not You',
Young Griffo: 'Facade'
163 230 The Cross Roads
29-05-2024, 06:41 PM
by Roy
Hip-hop, R&B, Soul 16 24 King Rascal
24-05-2024, 10:39 PM
by cagilbenian