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I need reviews Eddie Garrido - Scarlett
I recently mixed this song
This is my version of the mix 
Please help me improve my mix Smile

.mp3    scarlett V3 dxr v1.mp3 --  (Download: 8.31 MB)

Good day, Keyur! Sounds interesting and an emphasis on percussion elements can also be useful but it seems to me that the whole mix has lost it s body in terms of spectral balance, maybe you should try to use some reference tracks. I used this - Pat Metheny Group - To the End of the World. But in fact it is my personal opinion, hope that helps. BTW now I m going to post my version of the mix for your judgement -)
Thank you max, I did listen to your mix and the reffrence "To the to the end of the word"
I understand what you said and agree to it, i will improve this mix  Smile