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McLovins: 'Buildin It Up' (critiques plz)
Hey guys,

here is my mix.
Vocals were an issue as there was a lot of spill from the drums but also lots of dynamic inconsistencies by the vocalist.
For the drums I went with a more tight disco-type sound, with the heart of the kick drum punch placed higher than I usually do (120HZ).
In the last section those cymbals really killed me, tried a high cut on the OHs.
Let me know how I did!

Lukas Angel

.mp3    McLovins_BuildinItUp_v1.mp3 --  (Download: 8.1 MB)

Is it me or Anthony Kiedis is on this track ? Big Grin

Nice energy ! Very funky, head-bobbing test passed 100% ! Big Grin

I think the drum is a bit too strong in the mix, especially the kick
The snare sounds a bit '80's electric drumkit' (but maybe it's the case Huh ), a bit thin.

The kick's tone is nice but it seem to eat a lot of the bass low end vibe.

The vocals are a bit muffled at the begining

Chorus / main riff is great, i may have it in my head for the next two days. Tongue

I think i'm going to give it a try too ! hope it'll turn out that good. Rolleyes

Edit : i just imported the project and ... oh man i get what you said about the vocals, it's goint to be challenging !
Hello there

*cool thight drum sound but kick could pierce through better.
*Voice is a bit muddy. could get cleaned up a lil more even though I know that it will change the snare texture a bit.
*That's cool you split that guitar and hammond left and right like I did lol. I personally did that to free some space in the center for the snare to not get cloudy with so much.
*BAlances overall are pretty consistent.
*not sure how I like that back vox but then it's something I struggled with too.

good mix.
Nice and fat. The 'disco' drums is an interesting take. The outside kick mic added a ton of that upper bass and was tricky getting it to blend well with the inside kick. As a result I low-passed and high-passed the outside (to get rid of a lot of kit bleed) and used it to fill in the clickyness of the inside mic, where I boosted below 50 a touch. I will have to agree with other commenters that the general instruments and voice could be a little crisper which I think would really bring your otherwise excellent mix into finer focus.
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