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You Know Better
Great mix! Well balanced, proper transients. May be a snare can be a bit louder
(11-01-2019, 11:49 PM)yago49 Wrote: The mix contest version sounds solid!

I loved the reverb on the snare.

The only thing I suggest would be more about the automation, I think the organ could be a little louder on some sections and with less lows when playing on the lower register.

Also the drums fills could jump a little bit more, especially on the transitions.


Thank you Yago. I will take care of the organ.
(12-01-2019, 02:20 AM)jeffd42 Wrote: (Mix contest version)

Very nicely judged on the lead vocal. Excellent clarity.

Opposition panning on the rhythm guitar and piano also works well.

A few things that jumped out at me: The bass does seem to fight at times with the vocal. There's also not much in the way of contrast between the verse and chorus sections. That, of course, very much a matter of taste so disregard if intentional!
Thank you Jeff. I will try to get the bass out of the way.
Very nicely done with great attention to detail and nuance. Excellent take.
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(13-01-2019, 08:48 PM)Mixinthecloud Wrote: Very nicely done with great attention to detail and nuance. Excellent take.

Thank you Mitc. I really appreciate it.
Hi Dell Brush! Another well-balanced mix this, in general. A few things that struck me:
  • Kick/snare backbeat feels muffled. It seems like there's too much 150Hz, especially in combination with the bass. The kick could afford to be better differentiated from the bass, I think, tonally.
  • The bass is cool -- very understated and warm-sounding, but with enough midrange action to bring the melodic elements through the mix.
  • The overall mix tonality feels a little abrasive after a while, especially at higher listening volumes. Be careful with the 4-8KHz range -- especially on the vocals, which are quite sibilant and aggressive.
  • I wonder whether the vocal compression is also a too fast and extreme, for example when I hear things like the 's' and 'f' on "seem to feel alright" at 1:20.
  • The solo guitar is very stark and stringy-sounding, so it pokes out of the mix unnaturally for me. I sounds like it really needs some amp-modelling. Compare your Intro with that of the rough mix, for instance.
  • Good use of subtle mix delay/reverb effects on the whole, although there could be more section differentiation in this respect.
  • Although the balancing on the whole seems very sesible, the mix still feels quite static, in that I don't get that sense of being directed to the most interesting details the whole time, as I'd expect of a single.

Hope those hints are some use, thanks for posting!