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My mix of Diesel 13 - Colour Me Red
Great mixing from everyone. After listening around i decided to make my own mix of this very well recorded song.

.mp3    Diesel13 - Colour Me Red (thetanks Mix).mp3 --  (Download: 7.67 MB)

.mp3    Diesel13 - Colour Me Red (thetanks Mix2).mp3 --  (Download: 7.57 MB)

Sounds cool. I like the intro.

The acoustics sound great. Everything feels balanced well.
The chorus fill guitars are a little loud and kinda take away from the vocal.

The vocal sounds good but could use a little "something" like reverb or delay to excite them a little more.

It sounds really good. It could just use some minor tweaks but it works. Good job.
It's a good take man

*Balance overall is decent however The bass is kinda loud making the vocals drown a lil bit.
*I like your snare and kick Smile

I agree with RoyMatthews on guitars and vocals sounding separate from the mix but I have an easy fix
Use Reverb on the Vocals with a subtle delay and this will make the voice blend better.. same thing with the guitars in the chorous. Use Some reverb to soften the texture of it and drop a couple of Db to blend it better with the mix.

Keep it up. It sounds good.
Hi ,
I like your mix a lot ,the bass guitar has a resonant frequency at around 156-158 are which notching out may allow more low bass to translate an give the kick some more punch in that area which may also require boxyness around 300-400 hz area
A touch more low frequencies off on the vocals may help sound a touch fuller after sorting out the bass issue.
the panned guitars sounds a little alone in the side channels ,maybe just need to come down a touch and adding a subtle stereo reverb on the master bus may help give the impression of some space in the other channel and help glue everything together ?

Nice Job !

Cheers Big Grin

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Thank you for your feedback guys!

I made some adjustments taking note of your feedback and also listening to other things i didnt notice in my first mix.

Here is Mix 2

.mp3    Diesel13 - Colour Me Red (thetanks Mix2).mp3 --  (Download: 7.57 MB)

Mix 2 sounds really groovy man! It has energy, clarity, and punch! Sounds really nice man! Your snare seems to leaning to the right though. . . not sure why. More obvious in headphones. Maybe something wonky is happening with your reverb. All in all a really nice mix!

Mix 2 is on the money. Good job.
Wow, version 2 is a huge difference listening on headphones at the moment.

Well Done Big Grin

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V2 sounds really good. Some very minor things jump out at me that are really just a matter of taste and probably wouldn't eve mention if the mix wasn't already really good.

I think the kick sounds a little too modern compared to everything else with a little too much point. If it were only a little fatter and old school it would really complement the song. Especially in the verses. It could really be a nice focal part of those sections. I never gave the kick too much thought in this song but those kicks in the verse could really be another bit of ear candy. A little more "Stones".

The bass may be just this side of too fat. Maybe in the upper lows 150hz area.

The vocal feels back. This song could support a louder vocal. One thing that always trick my ear on this one is the opening "mmmms" they're just louder than the rest of the vocal (at least 'on tape') and in this song that part feels right, level wise, and the rest of the vocal could come up to match that balance. If that makes sense.

In the end it's a really good sounding mix and pleasing to listen to. Anything I mentioned are minor and just a matter of taste as opposed to any being a problem.