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Cruising The Ice - (a wait for it kinda song)
The type of song that is all about dynamics.
An old song and by the looks of it not many mixes on it.

I always listen to everyone elses mix after i've done mine to compare.
Looks like mine goes on a different direction. (only heard like 3 mixes)
I personally loved the dynamics of the live strings, it's life in this song makes everything so much better. I didn't really use the sampled strings that much.

Anyways, If you don't listen to it all you won't be able to capture the song. 30secs of it don't work.
I hope I made it interesting enough to hook you to it till the end.

Thanks for listening!
Feel free to leave feedback on any of my mixes.


.mp3    CruisingTheIce-ShulMix.mp3 --  (Download: 10.15 MB)

One of the best i heard so far
(24-01-2016, 11:46 PM)Mat397 Wrote: One of the best i heard so far

Hey thanks for listening! Means a lot.
Glad you liked it.
Thanks for the feedback on it.