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Full Version: children of no one ..
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did nirvana pink flody and nickleback have a love child
so that how i rolled with this one and there only one jimi and a time and place for hammerons but not in this song no way.....kiss that track goodbye replace with a new guitar .. enjoy
I think you've gone a bit overboard on the 3kHz region in general. Taking about 3dB out there across the whole mix makes it a whole lot more listenable, and then the balance feels pretty good in all. I reckon you might have a touch too much bottom octave on the bass. Try to maybe give it a bit more definition in the 500-1000Hz zone and rein in the low end a bit.

I wonder whether you could let the effects be a bit more expansive on the choruses -- a bit of slower tempo-delay maybe, and a bit more tail and blend to the drums -- the snare and toms in particular still feel a bit 'stuck on'.