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Full Version: Human Mistakes [Mix&Master]
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Hey here is my try what you guys think?
Comments welcomed!

Hey there Pyramid Pro,

Nice mix right there! I am really fond of the overall balance, I couldn't imagine it being better gain-stage and EQed, absolutely great job. Smile
There's not much to say about this Mix, as it is really solid and well done.
The only thing I could mention is that the composition itself is fairly flat and boring, to admit it.
This Track is perfect for experimenting with some subtle, yet unique effects - If you do feel like this as well and got some ideas I'd love to see your creative input! Smile

In any case, Really glad to hear your Mix of Human Mistakes. The only problem is that the beginning has been cut off for some reason. :o

But now, out of pure curiosity: Did you mix Drum & Bass before and did you use a reference-track? If so, the original Mix or a different track in this genre?

Quick edit:
I do notice that you kept the Dynamic Range pretty well intact. It is about the same DR as Pendulum's "Propane Nightmares", which is good for the genre.
However, nowadays Drum & Bass Tracks have become significantly louder and it would become quite obvious which track would be louder.
For competing with commercial tracks, this Mix should be louder by about 1,5 dB~ ( I've used the Contrast-Tool in Audacity in order to figure out the vague difference in DR. )
Hey thanks glad to see your comment on my mix, yes, as you can hear it is a simple mix, nothing special but I tried to do it well, I like clarity but punchy sound
As you said the composition itself is little flat but I could try to experiment with some fx and filter for next time
Yes something went wrong with the beginning, it was right before to uploaded it here.

Nope, I didn't mix D&B before and I didn't use a reference track or original mix I just used my ears, I only have some years of mixing and working in studio and I have my little dedicated room for it

Hey Skelpolu
just checked your quick edit. Here it it is again just a bit louder I think it can compete with commercial volume but it is all i can get from this track. As you know it also depends in the sounds you use for the song, tracks quantity etc.
I've not used any reference track for mixing or mastering I did it from my perspective only

Hey Pyramid Pro,

Well well, if you have not even used a reference track then hats off!
I am digging how smooth the waveform looks - Just barely loud enough to touch the low-end to keep it from distorting. Smile

Now, be prepared that the upcoming Album will be significantly louder (concerning mixes: -can- be mixed louder), I'm looking forward to seeing your mixes of the upcoming tracks!
I'll upload one each month, including this batch of uploads. These, I can promise, won't be as linear as this, which is why I'm looking forward to all the mixes even more. Big Grin

Again, great job mate!
Thanks Skelpolu, No, I have not used any track as I said before and happy to read you like it Smile

In fact I have not checked the waveform after mastering but i will do it later, maybe I could improve something in volume. But from my perspective it is distorting in some parts

I should listen one of those tracks you are saying and I could try a new mix for the new Album!