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Full Version: My take on Children of No-One
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As said, my take on this great multitrack. Feel free to comment.

I like what you did to the guitar during the intro (the guitar tones in your complete mix are great), though it could need a bit more room. The vocals are a bit quiet and the drums do not seem to gel very well with the other instruments.

If you are interested in improving your mix, I'd recommend to bring the vocals up a bit and work on the room. Delays and small reverbs could help a lot.

Dodgy fast mix i did use waves and cubase 7 enjoy feed back wanted..DodgyDodgy
Artbass, thanks for your feedback.

I have made some changes to the mix (using your suggestions as a guideline)

I have uploaded the new version.
Sounds much better. Great job on this mix. Maybe you could take it even further if you'd spend some time with automation (some bits stand out a touch too much or get lost just a bit) but apart from that it sounds really good.
[Just realised I listened to the first-version mix. Still, hope the comments are some use!]

The balance isn't bad here, although your kick drum is disappearing on small speakers -- a problem that many of the other mixes also have -- and the vocals sound rather recessed, almost more like backing vocals than leads! Smile Even in mono, where you normally expect LVs to be quite exposed, they still feel like they're getting overwhelmed. I realise that the guitars need to be powerful in this music, but I think there's a better compromise to be had personally. A bit more energy for the vocals in the 1-2kHz range might help here, I think, and perhaps a bit more predelay before their effects to help the dry sounds come a bit more forward?

Overall the tonality feels a bit muffled too -- a bit shy in the top octave I think, and perhaps too much 150Hz.
Mike, thanks for your suggestions.
They seem to be in line with the suggestions of Artbass, which i used as a guideline for the second mix.
I find the tonality of the mix quite difficult to judge and was surprised that it wasn't mentioned earlier.