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Full Version: Hollow Ground: 'Ill Fate' mix/master
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i admit that this isnt one of my best mixes but those guitar tracks were really hard to work with so please listen and give the critics i need xD hahahaha cheers Big Grin
I like the fact that you manage to seperate the high frequencies of the cymbals from the guitars,i like the mix of the bass/kick in the lowest frequencies and the automation ideas to the lead vocals..
But overall i think ,to show more of the power of that mix(thats only an opinion and nothing else) is to try to make bigger the rythms(pan the guitars more to the side than to the center).With that way you could give more space to the overall balance of the mix (vocals ,bass/kick,snare,) make it more clear and punchy.i like your amp tone of your guitar,although it could be less "high mid".
But if you want a "more close to the center mix approach" (and this is not an easy task to do in terms of masking) you have to deal with a lot of mid frequencies.So,in this case you could try your skills to seperate in a more defined way the center elements,so each intrument have its own space to breath in he mix.
Thats all..Happy mixing!
thax!! alot!! and the guitars they should be in the sides but i had a problem whit some guitar tracks and i release to late so the guitars end up in the center by mistake again thax a lot for the tips Big Grin