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Full Version: Children Of No-One by Bill Chudziak
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This is my first attempted at mixing a full length Rock tune! I dig the entire track concept and performance.

Well, feedback is always welcomed, Thank you in advance!
Hey man, thanks for commenting on my mix. I always do my best to return the favor... If I forget feel free to PM me to remind Smile

So I read that this is your first rock mix, but you obviously have experience (?) because I'm honestly pretty impressed. For the most part, everything is nice and clean, bass instruments seem well tended to... From moment to moment, the balance is excellent.

For me, the biggest weakness in your mix is that the choruses sound too small. I suggest mixing the choruses first... Chop up each track so that you can process them differently without using too many envelopes. I think your long term dynamics would be better served by bringing the guitars up during the choruses a great deal, because right now the organ is eating them, so I'm getting a very smooth sound when I'm waiting for the supernova the verses prepared me for.

Also, take another look at guitar 3... Sounds like you've reamped it or added distortion, which is a cool idea, but I think you way overdid it.

All in all, excellent work. Looking forward to more mixes!