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Full Version: mix_bill_chud
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well ... criticism is welcome.

drums: EQ. compress for all. soft clip on snare. Little bit parallel comp for BD, snare amd toms. EQ, dbx 160 om drum_bus
bass eq, comp
Bass+BD separate bus: compress+RBass.
Vox in group: DeeSS, EQ, RVox,DeeSS, puigtech EQ, cla 2a.(watch lu diaz)
GTRs: eq, comp, delay (insert). make wide in repeat with Haas effect
synths: eq, comp (1-2 db with soft knee) Center, S1.
MainOut: Scheps omni channel, FF Limiter (3 db)
fx: DrumRoom, Mono delay, Stereo delay, Stereo rever, Mono rever, PP delay
automation repeat-verse-bridge loudness, pan, send fx, pan fx
REAPER, zoom uac 2, Audio-technica ath m50x...  no reference.