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Full Version: Lacuna Flymix
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Here is my mix. hope you like.

Any inputs??

wow man, this is great!

One of the mixing tasks I found to be most difficult with this track was properly judging reverb and delay sends... getting the right room sizes, feedbacks, predelay... all the variables, without losing clarity and definition, yet still achieving blend, and I think you've done a splendid job. One of the things I really like is how the hihats are very dry and present compared to many of the electronic instruments... it's very appropriate and it compliments the stereo aspects. All in all, I'd say the best word to describe your mix is "epic" which is very appropriate for a progressive-style tune Big Grin

Only quibble I have is that it could use a little more low end to my ears, but that might sacrifice some of the clarity you've worked so hard to achieve, so I'd say leave it the way it is, because the sound is fantastic! I could dance to this mix any day.
reading Pauli's opinion, I have no choice but to agree 100% with him! I love those toms and synths!!!
Sounds great Sergio !!!!!
Thanks Don!!!!! Cheers!!!