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Full Version: Bill Chudziak - 'Children Of No-one'
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Here's my attempt of mixing this song. I've been playing around with reverbs and delays in order to give some big canyon ambience in certain parts of the song.

I hope you like it!
I like it. Nice work Smile
what processing are you using on the vocals? a pitch shift or autotune maybe?

Everything sounds nice and balanced, and your processing decisions sound like they reflect your intentions for the track quite well. Good work!

I'd personally take out a bit of the subs, and ease up on the verbs... maybe use a delay instead for the vocals, and probably give the solo near the end some space to share up front with the vocals, but I like your ideas too. Big Grin

A word of caution, though... I thought I was hearing clipping distortion, so I ran it through my DAW and it clips about 20 times. 4 or 5 times it clips really hard, about +2 to +3 decibels. Easy fix and easy mistake to make, so I thought I'd give you a heads up. Big Grin

Great work as always!
thank you guys!!

No, Pauli, I didn't use any pitch shifter on the vocals. Only on the backvocals I duplicated the track and detuned -4 cents one of them to make it slightly different.

What you mention about the clipping is strange. I always use a limiter on my master track and when I render it, if there's any clipping, my daw warns me and I didn't get any messages. I have checked it out anyway, and again, I get no clipping. Do you know what might be happening? I have no idea...
I'm not sure either.... have you checked the mp3? sometimes the encoders will mangle the dynamics... it's happened to me before so I usually try to limit to -2 until I can get a better grasp on this myself. Don't lose sleep over it though dude, it sounds good!
My 50 cents.
Nice mix. But have some comments:
For me the drum kit should be more punchy. Too much hi-hat/cymbals (maybe from OH, maybe from HH mikes)
You should work with Kick, Snare and Toms.
Rhythm guitar is too "thin". Vocal effects are nice but maybe a little bit loud sometimes.

That's all is subjective, because I've listened it in not pro environment.

Please make some comments on my mix of this song.