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Full Version: Pedaling Prince Mix: APZX - Lacuna
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Just discovered that APZX is a member here. Whenever I discover that an artist is keeping an eye on their work here I like to post whatever I have by that artist; my philosophy is that no one is better qualified to judge my mixes than the artists that created the multitracks. Wink

With that in mind, here's my mix of "Lacuna" for APZX (and everyone else Wink) to peruse. FYI, I no longer have the original projects so while I welcome your input on what I could have done differently I won't be able to implement your suggestions. Sorry about that; I have limited storage space so I deleted a lot of my projects, particularly of any mixes which I was already satisfied with. Blush

Gotta love the drums on this one; had lots of fun playing with the plethora of hats (love to see a drummer actually try to tackle so many on a physical kit Tongue) and the toms. Cool
Ah Lacuna, the latest track I have ever done into the Trance realm from which I started. I definitely enjoyed making this piece. Remember making it too because it basically came about right after I got a new VST, TAL-U-NO-LX which provided the main bassline. Anywho, onto the mix.

Mmmmmm, panning that arp all around. I love things like that Big Grin Also, I totally forget just how awesome those Obie style strings actually sound because I almost always put an Ensemble chorus on them. Good on the main synth stab as well. Nice solid kick and digging the panning on the hats as well. Definitely a ton of places to put them in the mix for some interesting results for sure. Ah, one of my favorite presets from Minimoog-V (actually a pad, but it works amazingly for a lead). Do wish it were more forward in the mix personally. Something I like is how the main synth stab seems to drift inward from being on the outside. Really nice use of panning in this mix to create interest. Ah, the Obie style lead. Good to hear it be front in center in the mix Wink Also, I think I agree with I don't think a real life drummer could handle that many hats lol. That reverb on the final lead is simply AWESOME! Another thing I really like is the power you gave the toms. Overall I must say I enjoy the interesting choices in panning in this mix the most. Something I'm working on getting better with myself.
There's a lot of cool micropanning and autopanning in here. That's a cool trick I used myself on my mix, since lots of those synths and pads are living in the same frequency areas. It can be hard to unglue them without some left and right movement... great job with separation and solid creative panning choices.

I like this mix quiet a bit... my only suggestion should you take another stab at this genre... more drums and more low end. Having said that though, I think your existing balance is excellent and I wouldn't hesitate a moment to crank it up in my car. Great work!