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Full Version: V.M.GY The Crown mix and master
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Here is my mix and master of the song.

-Drums were leaned very heavily on the room mics. They just sounded really good stock, so I just added some reverb and some mid range to make the drums pop...literally.
-Bass was just one plugin. I'll let you all guess which one it is. Smile
-Guitars were just simple EQ and balance.
-Vocals were straightforward. Nothing too crazy.
-The keys and synth parts were cool, but I wanted them to add to the grandiosity of the song. A simple doubler did the trick here.

Hope you all enjoy! This was a fun one to mix and master.
I like the drum sounds a lot, but the guitars are VERY heavily spiky in the 4k region. This makes especially the lead parts feel bright and toothy in a way that's out of balance with the rest of the mix. The vocals are VERY up front, but that means that this has a very "6 feet under" / "Early Cannibal Corpse" (guess I just can't unhear Chris Barnes lol) feel to it! Very roomy and very cool otherwise. But yeah, those lead guitars are like 4k heavy chainsaws haha. That's pretty much all I'd say.
Thanks for the feedback! I think my thought process on the lead guitars was that I wanted them to stick out a bit more compared to the rest of the mix, and I put a 5db hump on around 4k to bite them a bit more. When I tried to flat that EQ curve, it didn't bite like I wanted it to, but I can experiment with it a bit more and see if I just need to re-examine the part. As for the vocals, I actually used a pop technique that I learned and have it clearer, so that you can understand what he says, even with a thick mix such as this. The trick is to watch your limiter's in/out signal and EQ for clarity, not for correction, if that makes sense. Again, thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it! Smile