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Full Version: Still Flying - blackcapaudio mix
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Hey everyone, first time posting here!
Here's my version of the track, found this one kind of tricky even though it's a genre I used to love back in the day - didn't realise it was so difficult to mix.  Tongue

Nothing crazy going on here, although I'm not limiting as hard as perhaps I should be looking around here at other mixes? Just some eq, compression and a little delay and reverb here and there. It sound ok but I feel there's mistakes that I just don't know are there so any help is really appreciated!

Also will confirm upfront that yes I realised the guitars and vox were off grid and put them in their correct spot  Big Grin

Happy mixing everyone!
You didn't upload the mix.
Weird, I'll reattach down here now - maybe as I went back and edited the spelling after posting took it off perhaps

UPDATE: fixed! Sorry about that, my bad!