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Full Version: The Apprehended-Still Flyin - inzeoani Mix
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From Beijing China
The balance here is very good... vocals are working well in the mix. I had an issue with my headphones where I would hear everything in mono but now I fixed it.

Great mix!!! guitars are on point.. I'd like that manin lead guitar in the chorous to come up though.. it's really burried in the back.
Hey! Great mix you've got going here! The rhythm guitars feel nice and chunky and the snare feels good too which has been one of the hardest things for a lot of us on this track!

There is a lot of click (8k and up) on the kick drum which sounds very metal but I personally found a bit distracting at times, especially during the quieter moments. It is helping it to cut through in the heavier moments though so it could just be an adjustment for that section perhaps to stop it becoming irritating.
Also I'd love the leads to come up a bit in the mix, the little solo after the second chorus comes through nice but the chorus leads bubble away in the background. They could give a nice lift to the chorus - they do get in the way of the vocal a bit but I think that's part of the style of music for it to get busy sometimes to add energy.

On the whole, killer mix! One of the best I've heard so great job!
Thank you very much
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