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Full Version: Gone
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Studying mixing, I worked for a long time to mix this song
But I don't complete yet
Just touched EQ and added a little space

Maybe It will be far future to complete mixing this song, so I upload now.

Enjoy please.
And comment please, if you have a idea to let me know.
I like your mix. The vocal is really nice, strong and upfront. I'd suggest to work on the guitar and the bass synth. They make your mix dark and prevent it from shinning and take some of the bounce away. Also, the mix is a little narrow, backing the kick off a bit might open it up and pan instruments wider to get the mix even wider. There is also some esses in the vocal that need to be controlled. I think your mix will be awesome if you spend a little time working the bottom (kick/bass) out first. The rest of the instruments will find their places in the mix easier. Not easy, just easier Smile.

Go around and listen to mixes in here, if you have time, many are awesome. Try to recognize both what not to do and what to do with instruments in their mixes. There is always something good in a mix, even a bad one. It will help you with your listening skill and It'll help you get better control of your mix. I have been doing that for the last month, and, I think, my mix is getting better. There are many ways of learning. My suggestion is just one of the ways. You do whatever is comfortable to you. Cheers!