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Full Version: Robert Hammon - The Elephant
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Hi all,
Here is my current mix of this song, I hope I'm on the right track.
Any thoughts? Your feedback is appreciated!
Sounds good. The only thing that jumps out at me is the snare might be a bit 'papery'. The verse synths could come back a little but I'm not 100% sure of that.
Thanks Roy I appreciate the feedback! I've posted a new version, hopefully
I'm heading in the right direction. Any thoughts?
The snare still feels a bit thin and 'snares heavy' to me. The overall level of it feels fine, if maybe a little loud in the chorus but it still lacks the body it needs. To be fair it's been a while since I worked on this one so I can't remember how the original snare sounds. I don't love the reverb on it either. It feels too noticeable.
Other than that, everything else feels good.
Thanks Roy, I'm working on a new version that I hope will be solving
some of the issues you've mentioned here. I'll probably post it in the
next couple of days. Thanks again for your advice!
Hi Roy, here is the latest version of my mix. Hopefully I am on the right track.
Any thoughts? Thanks!
I think the latest mix improved on the issues of the original one. Nice! I personally think you should cut back the drum reverb a little during the quiet parts, then bring it back up with the heavy guitars. Otherwise, sounds good.
Thanks DrakeEq! That sounds like a good idea.
Thank-you to all for your feedback! Here is the latest version of my mix. Hopefully an improvement, what are your thoughts?
There is a new boost in the screechy 2.5-4k range that I wasn't hearing on your last mix. I hear it primarily on the snare drum, although the vocal too sounds brighter to me, so it's possible you may have done it on the master bus. I would recommend undoing that to get back to where your snare was on the previous mix. Otherwise I think it's sounding pretty solid.