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Full Version: TheMaybeNextYears - One Flip Flop
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Here is my mix and master of the song.

-For drums, I added an additional sample, just to give the snare a bit more punch.
-The kick was the samples provided. I ended up scrapping the kick in and out tracks because they just didn't sound good.
-Guitars and bass was reamped. I wanted the song to sound more punk-surf, but something akin to a 1970's grindhouse matinee song.
-The sound effect was automated. I thought it sounded cool having the effect panned left to right.
-As you can tell, I used a LOT of saturation. Again, the aim was to have a 1970's grindhouse matinee feel for it. I even used a reel-to-reel tape saturation in mastering.
-Speaking of mastering, apart from saturation, I used EQ and a bit of a limiter, with some slight transient designer use, but nothing too crazy.
It sounds pretty good. The kick drum is really heavy in my sub-woofer and it almost disappears when I turn it off. Tighten up the kick and you'll have it.
...and I muted one of the samples I used. *facepalm*

Version two is below. My bad.
That's better.