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Full Version: One Flip Flop MIX + MASTER
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Really challenging to mix the natural snare. So much bleed and ring...

Let me know, what you guys think about my mix
Sounds pretty good, I could use some more meat on the guitars though and maybe not pan so hard left and right.

My goto for issues like this snare is Boz digitals trangressor. It'll let you pull that ring out real easily. Then gatey watey to get those cymbals out of it. It goes on sale once in a while.

For anyone that has not dealt with a lot of live drums and bleed, an alternative is to make a copy of the snare track, flip the phase and put a compressor on it that hits just on the snare (more or less remove it from the signal) and mix it back in with the original signal. You can sometime lose a bit of transient on the snare but if you really feel like digging make a third copy, nudge it back and use it to to side chain the compressor.