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Full Version: Elephant mix
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It is another song I mixed. I hope it sounds good.
Good space. Good drums. Good differentiation between verse and chorus. There is something not quite cohesive about your mix. It may be the snare taking up so much real estate but I'm not quite sure.
Version 2
The drum room track is quiet loud, which leads to a pretty indirect drum sound. I personally didn't use this track at all, I created my own room track for the drums.
Vocals are also a bit too wet and definitely too loud.
The Guitars on the other hand get lost in the mix. Bring them up 2-3dB and add some 1-2 kHz
I prefer the 1st version. I think in both mixes, what jumped out at me is that the snare feels really boxy. The vocals do feel too loud in the 2nd mix. my only other issue with the 1st version is the sound of the vocals in the chorus. A bit too much reverb.
Hey Obelix,

Not a bad mix.
Vocals mb to high.
Snare takes a lot of the space, probably you made the vocals loud to battle that.
Spend some more time on general levels of the instruments.

Nice job! Cheers!
Version 3. I think that it is better. More guitars and less snare now.
Maybe I overcooked the mastering compresion cause it now has the loudness wars distorted and pumping sound, but I like it somehow.
I listened to version 3.

- Mix is very dark. Add more treble.
- Verse vocal reverb is too loud
- Bass guitar is too loud
- Kick could be scooped a bit more
- Snare is a bit dry
- Chorus vocals need to come up

Good luck!