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Full Version: Ludo - Sandstorm Mix 1 (Frosty)
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Hey everyone,

I have been wanting to get into mixing film scores for years now and am glad I found this forum with all of you! Here is my first mix of the track. I know its still a bit rough so feel free to be savage with the feedback as this is an entirely new genre for me.

Hope everyones having a great day,
Hi thanks for posting your mix !

It's seems that you're pretty new regarding to that genre. IMO there is too much problems about volume and overall mixing.
Orchestral/score mixing is hard, so to begin (and as my track isn't that easy to mix ), I would suggest you to re make a totally new mix, but only focusing on balance (Volume and Pan)
And maybe basic EQ (< 3 Bands), No reverb, no compression

Take no more than 1-2 hours and come back Smile